Thursday, 29 December 2011

A new very healthy alternative to sugar? It's called Total Sweet

Sugar has been part of our diet for hundreds of years and remains a staple of our everyday lives. It has three main drawbacks however, which have caused many users to shift to sweeteners:
•Sweet, sugary foods and drinks have been linked to obesity; largely due to a high calorific and GI values
•Sugar causes dental decay and plaque
•Diabetes, especially type 2, is becoming increasingly common among the population and is linked to sugar consumption; so those living with diabetes or trying to avoid it are advised to steer clear of sugary foods and drinks.

There are now a range of different artificial sweeteners that have been created largely with the intention of creating a sweet substance with little or no calorific value

•There has however been a lot of bad press surrounding artificial sweeteners and possible links to cancer
•Whilst the cancer links are disputed, more recently claims have arisen suggesting that artificial sweeteners may actually be detrimental to dieting because they are so intensely sweet and are ‘non-nutritive’, increasing users appetites and food consumption
•Artificial sweeteners are difficult to bake with

An increasingly popular option in the face of the scares around ‘artificial’ sweeteners. Several fruit sugars have been launched, which are largely promoted on the grounds that they are natural. They also have a relatively low GI value compared to sucrose
•Fruit sugars are worse for your teeth than ordinary sugar
•Fructose has been linked to obesity as it is more readily laid down as fat than sugar
•Many of these sweeteners come in syrup form which is hard to replace sugar with in cooking
Fructose (Fruit Sugar) Alternatives
Sugar - fructose

Total Sweet is the world’s first ‘total sugar alternative’ and ticks all the boxes:
A solution for dieters that allows them to enjoy sweet food whilst encouraging weight loss
A natural alternative to sugar
A solution suitable for diabetics
An alternative that actively promotes healthy teeth
An option offering health benefits not health scares
Can be used exactly like sugar in baking or otherwise
It has no taste difference to ordinary sugar
A product that is good for the environment as well as your body
Total Sweet Introduction

Total Sweet is a ‘nutritive’ sugar alternative, that is to say it contains calories, but these calories are healthy calories (see below)
Total Sweet has 40% less calories than sugar and 75% less available carbohydrates BUT
Total Sweet is absorbed slowly and has a GI value of just 7, meaning it keeps you feeling fuller for longer, less likely to snack and therefore much more likely to lose weight
Studies have confirmed xylitol aids with weight loss:
A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed those who had 25g of xylitol, compared with nothing, glucose, fructose, or sucrose (sugar), ate 230 less calories at their next meal
This suppression of appetite was also observed in a study carried out at Leeds University and published in the British Journal of Nutrition showing those who ate yoghurts for breakfast that were sweetened with xylitol rather than sugar went on to eat 10% less for lunch

Weight Watchers have given xylitol a Pro Points value of “0”. This is because whilst xylitol contains calories they appreciate it can aid with weight loss

“We would rather people didn’t add sugar to what they eat, but xylitol used sensibly could reduce dependence on conventional sugars” Dr David Haslam – Chairman of the National Obesity Forum

An Effective Dieting Aid
A Natural Solution
Xylitol is derived from the Greek word ‘xyl’ meaning wood as it was first discovered in Birch Wood after the Second World War. Birch wood xylitol remains the highest quality xylitol
Xylitol is found in various plants and is even made by our own bodies
The xylitol used in Total Sweet is extracted from a sustainable source of European birch wood With a Great Taste
Total Sweet looks and tastes just like sugar ,has the same sweetness and can be used in just the same way as sugar

A Diabetic Solution
Around 3 million people in the UK are diabetic, 90% of these have type 2 diabetes
Cutting down on sugar intake is advised in the treatment of diabetes, an increasing number of Type 2 diabetes is being attributed to bad diets and being overweight (often due to too many sugary and fatty foods). Not only does Total Sweet provide a sugar alternative that has a very minimal impact on blood sugar levels – making it ideal for diabetics – it also allows type 2 diabetics to diet, but still enjoy sweet foods
Diabetes is often linked to poor dental health, making Total Sweet even more advisable
Total Sweet is recommended by many nutritionists, medical and diabetes experts

Actively promotes healthy teeth
Total Sweet doesn’t help teeth just because users cut out sugar, rather it actively prevents and reverses numerous dental conditions
It has been observed over several decades that xylitol produces an alkaline environment within the mouth – this is seen to dramatically reduce the number of Streptoccocus bacteria, which are the main cause of dental caries. The number of studies in this area now run into the hundreds
Further studies have now shown xylitol also has an ability to reduce plaque
Current studies are now showing that xylitol has an ability to remineralise damaged teeth
Xylitol is recommended by dentists around the world

Other health benefits
Xylitol can be used to help prevent ear infections
Studies have shown that xylitol reduces the adherence of thrush to cells and can not only reduce its numbers, but also the amount of carcinogenic chemicals it produces
Osteoporosis – studies have shown that xylitol can help strengthen bones – it is thought xylitol may help the body absorb more calcium

Easy to use
Total Sweet can be used exactly as sugar (except in bread as it can’t feed yeast)
In can be used to replace sugar, like for like, in any recipes
It is used by top chefs
It can be used in hot drinks or sprinkled over fruit or cereals just like sugar

Healthy for the planet
Total Sweet is made from sustainable birch wood from Finland not to be confused with lower quality Chinese corn sourced xylitol
For every tree used two are planted in its place
Uses a recyclable, reseable pouch
Through ‘Trees For The Future’ they have planted over 50,000 trees in third world countries to date

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