Sunday, 15 March 2015

PhD woman, meal replacement with busy women in mind

PhD woman bills itself as a "unique range of nutritional products designed to support the needs of the active woman."

So, that would be you, then? You are an active woman who wants to balance your hectic lifestyle with actually attempting to eat a good, healthy and well-balanced diet.

PhD woman have a tasty Meal Replacement bar which is intended as a great alternative to their Meal Replacement shake.

And whilst their shakes are tasty, sometimes you might fancy an alternative, or there just might be a time when you really do not have the time or the facilities to prepare and enjoy a shake.

For example when you are late and hurrying for the bus, when you are on a train journey or at a work site that doesn't have the space for you to set about making a shake.

And as they say, variety is the spice of life and it does one good to ring the changes every-so-often, replacing a delicious shake with an equally delicious meal bar, just because you can, is not a bad idea.

Highly trained and fully qualified nutritionists work for PhD woman and they have used all of their training and experiences to work together to create meal replacements that are specially designed for the needs of today's modern woman.

It contains Vitamin C, important for maintaining a healthy immune system, iron, ideal for helping to reduce fatigue and tiredness, protein, which is necessary to help your body maintain muscle tone, Biotin for looking after the condition of your hair and skin and Vitamin B6, required for women to assist in the regulation of hormone system activity.

The recommendation is that you should eat one or two meal bars a day (for example, breakfast and lunch) and then have an ordinary but well-balanced meal in the evening.

PhD woman acknowledges that you must remain properly hydrated so recommends that you consume an adequate amount of liquids during the day.

There are two flavours available, Caramel Crunch or Chocolate Peanut.

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