Saturday, 20 December 2014

Dr Gaye Super-Shake

Who is Dr Morgaine Gaye?

Dr Morgaine Gaye is a food and nutrition expert and a Food Futurologist. She is the genius behind the range of shakes and products.

Dr Gaye produces foods that are designed to do you good. She carefully designs the formulas for the shakes and the porridges that she markets.

The Super Porridge is interesting. It is ideal for people who are gluten intolerant as it contains no oats.

After preparing it with hot milk or hot water in the recommended manner, the porridge it creates has an interesting flavour. It contains dried fruits, (Dried White Mulberries)  but these are amazingly succulent and if you hadn't just prepared the meal yourself, you'd be forgiven for not being aware that they had been rehydrated.

Dr Gaye realises that the flavours of her products might not be to the liking of everyone, so suggests that you can add flavours such as natural vanilla to them. However, we found the taste more than acceptable.

So what is the Dr Gaye Super-Shake product range?

In her own words: "It offers high-performance foods that deliver bio-available, food-grade nutrients and vitamins which fit into a busy life-style.

All the products are organic, grain-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, 100% raw, unprocessed, vegetarian and perfect for diets such as: Paleo, raw, 5:2, Bullet Proof and alkaline."

The product that we tried was the Super Porridge, which costs £14.50 for 500 grammes.

You can see a talk that Dr Gaye gives on this product, here:

Other products that are available are: Dr Gaye Super-Shake, Dr Gaye Super-Blend and Dr Gaye Super-Spoonful.

Aldi can help you get back in shape!

If you are anything like us, you'll have indulged in all the good things that were on offer from Aldi over the Christmas season (The failings of my wife and I are the traditional German biscuits, the Stollen, the mince pies, the cheese boards and the cheese biscuits and the mulled wines!)

But this all comes at a bit of a price and when the festive season is over, it’s time to make amends. And Aldi can help you do that, too!

And it will not cost you very much, either! Aldi Specialbuys Yoga and Fitness Range will launch in stores on 2nd January 2015.

There'll be a large range of new yoga gear, home gym equipment and fitness accessories, so there's everything you need to get fit, healthy and in shape this New Year for less than you might think.


With super soft Lycra Yoga Capri Pants (£6.99), super soft and loose fitting Yoga Leggings (£8.99) and breathable, extra-long length Yoga Tops (£5.99) - all designed to provide high stretch yet remain comfortable, you’ll be mastering your yoga poses effortlessly.

Complete the look with a long sleeved hooded thermal Yoga Jacket (£11.99), featuring a moisture management system to help you stay dry during your workout, as well as an audio port for your MP3 player or ipod so you can enjoy listening to your favourite songs while exercising.

 To complete your yoga kit, Aldi also has a fantastic Yoga and Pilates Accessories Set (£4.99), a must for any keen yoga enthusiast, which includes yoga balls, yoga blocks, pilates rings and fitness bands.
There’s also a Yoga Mat and Foam Roller Set (£6.99) that’s perfect to help improve your core strength and prevent your hands and feet from slipping when trying out your best plank or bridge pose.


If you’re looking to do a more high energy class, the High Impact Sports Bra (£12.99), available in black or white, will make you feel comfortable and supported whilst you burn those calories.

Combine this with a pair of Fitness Trainers (£11.99) available in both men’s and ladies’ sizes and you’ll be ready to sweat and really work it at your next aerobics class.

The new range also includes a fantastic selection of gym equipment so you can kit out your home with the latest gear and ditch the expensive gym membership. With colourful cast iron Kettlebells from 2.5kg (£6.99) up to 7.5kg (£11.99) as well as 1kg, 2kg and 3kg ergonomically shaped Dumbbells (£6.49) you’ll be able to build and tone muscles.

To reduce impact and keep you comfortable, grab a soft foam Fitness Mat (£7.99), made with two layers for added padding.

If you’re struggling to feel motivated, grab a pair of Sports Earphones and Armband (£4.99) so you can play some great workout tunes to get you in the mood. Producing superior sound quality, these in-ear earphones are super comfortable and great for when you’re on the move.

With the new Aldi Specialbuys Yoga and Fitness Range you’ll be able to look great and feel great this January, but do remember they really are SpecialBuys, so when they’re gone, they’re really gone!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

That's Christmas: Give the gift of beauty this Christmas

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Saturday, 13 December 2014

That's Christmas: Dom't forget Pukka herbal teas over Christmas!

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

I have started a diet. And it's going well

I realised that my weight was a problem. I regularly walk up to twelve miles a day, but my weight loss was minor and I eventually, with the help and guidance of my wife, realised that I needed to go on a diet.

But what diet to follow? I needed to bear in mind that it would have to fit in with my high blood pressure and my diabetes, I was concerned that it might affect my medication. And it did, but in a good way, so more on that, later.

My wife had had remarkably good results with the Celebrity Slim diet, so I decided to follow her excellent example and go down the Celebrity Slim route.

I sought the advice of my medical practice and my pharmacist and took the decision to try Celebrity Slim.

On September 19 I weighed in at, or 14 stones 2.4lb.

By October 19 I I weighed in at 86.2kg or 13 stone 8lb.

To my surprise I did not find the diet a problem and am finding it easy to follow. The meal bars and shakes are reasonably tasty, the soups are good and the snack bars delicious!

There are some foods that have to be avoided (it is a low car diet) but one has a filling ordinary main meal in the evenings, my wife and I tend to have a delicious salad (and that's something I never thought I'd say!) with our main meal.

In the morning I have a meal bar, followed by a snack mid-morning. At lunch I have a shake, followed by a snack mid-afternoon and after the main meal, I have a snack some time before bed.

And the affect that it had on my medication? My weight loss has resulted in my doctor checking my blood sugar levels and telling me to reduce my diabetes medication!

The diet is expensive. But it works.

I'll give you more updates, later.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Diabetes.....Terminal and Scared: Strength

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This is from a fellow diabetic and I am sharing it with you.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Too much sugar, even in health products

My wife and I bought some "Pure Nature Beauty Sweeties", which are produced in Germany.

The packet proudly proclaims that they are a "Finest Fruit Confection with 81% Fruit content" and in bold, large print it states that they contain "Coenzyme Q10, Aloe Vera and Biotin."

But the reality is that these "Beauty Sweeties" contain only aloe vera gel (0.01%), coenzyme Q10 (0.01%), not an amount that could, one might suggest, make any real difference to the people who take them in the mistaken belief that they can actually have a positive impact on their complexion.

However when one studies the contents a little closer one will notice that each 100 grammes bag of the "Beauty Sweeties" contains a staggering amount of sugar. 76 grammes, in fact.

Now, yes the sugars are a combination of sucrose and "natural" fruit sugars. But it should be noted that the body sees all sugars (no matter what their source) as being sugars, so there is no difference between sucrose and fruit sugar as far as the body is concerned.

In the opinion of the author of this article (who has diabetes Type 2 and has a qualification in Diabetes management)  diabetics should avoid products with such high sugar contents and they should be given to children rarely, if at all.

Friday, 8 August 2014

All we want are low sugar products. What is the problem?

All my wife and I want are low sugar products. What is the problem with that?

We can get sugar free products, the problem is their sweetness is provided by artificial sweeteners.

Sadly we haven't found one yet that is suitable for myself (Type 2 Diabetic, advised to avoid fructose) or my wife who suffers from an allergic reaction to all the artificial sweeteners that are readily available in the local shop.

Also, artificial sweeteners can cause diarrhoea, which, to be honest, we'd rather not inflict on ourselves!

So, we will continue with the search and will regularly report back here at That's Health.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Healthy eating and sugar

What to have for your desert after a nice, healthy salad? What about a healthy, low fat 150 gramme toffee yoghurt?

What on earth could be wrong with that?

How about the 3.9% GDA of fat? That's just below the 4% level to allow it be be declared as a low fat product.

But there's more. What about the sugar content of the low fat yoghurt? A small 150 gramme pot of this yoghurt contains a shocking 28.2 Grammes of sugar.

In every 150 gramme pot of low fat toffee flavoured yoghurt there are the equivalent of 7 and a quarter teaspoons full of sugar.

Would you put 7 and a quarter teaspoons into a small cup of tea? Of course you wouldn't! So why on earth would you put that ridiculous amount of sugar into a small 150 gramme pot of low fat yoghurt?

Especially as some experts might argue that the consumption of high amounts of sugars is potentially more dangerous than the consumption of fats.

I am now coming to the conclusion that the war on the high levels of sugars in our diet is an important war. And a war that we must win if we are to reduce the problems of obesity in our general population and of children in particular.