Tuesday, 21 October 2014

I have started a diet. And it's going well

I realised that my weight was a problem. I regularly walk up to twelve miles a day, but my weight loss was minor and I eventually, with the help and guidance of my wife, realised that I needed to go on a diet.

But what diet to follow? I needed to bear in mind that it would have to fit in with my high blood pressure and my diabetes, I was concerned that it might affect my medication. And it did, but in a good way, so more on that, later.

My wife had had remarkably good results with the Celebrity Slim diet, so I decided to follow her excellent example and go down the Celebrity Slim route.

I sought the advice of my medical practice and my pharmacist and took the decision to try Celebrity Slim.

On September 19 I weighed in at 90.kg, or 14 stones 2.4lb.

By October 19 I I weighed in at 86.2kg or 13 stone 8lb.

To my surprise I did not find the diet a problem and am finding it easy to follow. The meal bars and shakes are reasonably tasty, the soups are good and the snack bars delicious!

There are some foods that have to be avoided (it is a low car diet) but one has a filling ordinary main meal in the evenings, my wife and I tend to have a delicious salad (and that's something I never thought I'd say!) with our main meal.

In the morning I have a meal bar, followed by a snack mid-morning. At lunch I have a shake, followed by a snack mid-afternoon and after the main meal, I have a snack some time before bed.

And the affect that it had on my medication? My weight loss has resulted in my doctor checking my blood sugar levels and telling me to reduce my diabetes medication!

The diet is expensive. But it works.

I'll give you more updates, later.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Diabetes.....Terminal and Scared: Strength

Diabetes.....Terminal and Scared: Strength: My original post Terminal and Scared was when l was low and scared, after that it became about changing attitudes towards Diabetes, and if a...

This is from a fellow diabetic and I am sharing it with you.