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Give your skin some TLC!

Skin expert Salcura announces the launch of Zeoderm, a sensitively formulated skin repair moisturiser containing ZeomaZ, a new active super-antioxidant for advanced skin relief leading to the regeneration of healthy skin cells.

ZeomaZ is a sensitively processed form of Zeolite, a naturally occurring micro-particle used as a purifying agent in drinking water and medicinal processes. Zeolites have many applications and are unique in the natural world by their ability to absorb toxins and heavy metals through a process of ionic-exchange.

ZeomaZ delivers intense detoxification by hunting down nasty toxins, free radicals and other impurities in the skin, binding and eliminating them from the dermis1. Reducing these impurities soothes, rebalances and gently calms the skin2/3. Removing the nasties enables the skin to provide a more controlled immune response to a skin problem like eczema, therefore avoiding excessive itching and skin aggravation. In the case of psoriasis, ZeomaZ reduces the increased skin cell production by correcting the skin’s faulty immune signaling which causes the excess skin cells.

Zeoderm is perfect for anyone living in the city and exposed to pollution or chemicals, or for those with skin affected with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or itchy inflammation wanting more active relief for their symptoms.

Complementing the active antioxidant affect of ZeomaZ, Salcura ZeodermTM contains a gentle yet effective blend of all natural ingredients such as urea, borage, geranium and rose oil which help to soften skin (see ‘Data sheet’ below for list of other ingredients and their benefits).

Zeoderm is totally free from any steroids, cortisones, parabens, alcohol and other nasties. Not tested on animals. Priced £8.99 for 50ml and available from Boots, leading pharmacies and via www.salcuraskincare.com.

Access Legal contributes to 'Aspire' charity

Access Legal, the consumer brand of national law firm Shoosmiths, has raised in excess of £30,000 for Aspire, a charity that provides practical support for individuals suffering spinal cord injuries. The charity is one of the firm's 2010 nominated charity partners.

Access Legal had originally pledged to raise £25,000 for Aspire, but exceeded its initial pledge by an £5,000. This donation will allow Aspire to pursue its mission to help people with spinal cord injuries live their life as well as they can.

The fundraising effort involved a variety of events, including challenges that the Access Legal staff underwent in exchange for sponsorship from friends, family and co-workers. Some staff members went sky diving to raise money for the cause, while others participated in a 10k fun run.

One of the most difficult challenges completed by Access Legal staff was a sponsored swim across the English Channel. Additionally, employees of Access Legal took part in a rugby game against the London Wheelchair Rugby team and some staff members underwent the 177-mile Offa's Dyke challenge.

The Aspire charity's mission ties in closely with the Access Legal brand, which provides personal injury claim services for people who have suffered spinal cord injuries. At the opening of Aspire's newest specialist home for those paralysed through spinal injury, members of Access Legal's staff were in attendance to show the support for the charity's cause. 

The staff members who attended the opening event for Aspire's Buckingham House included: catastrophic injuries expert Chris McKinney, mixed liability department head Sarah Lake, trainee solicitor Oliver Spicer and campaign assistant Georgia Baillieu.

Every year people across the UK suffer from spinal cord injuries, which can cause partial or full paralysis. Such injuries are often caused by road traffic accidents, but may also be a result of falls or sport-related contact. Access Legal from Shoosmith is determined to offer the victims of spinal injuries the legal services they deserve and to help its charity partner, Aspire, provide them with specialist living facilities.

Access Legal from Shoosmiths is the new consumer brand of top 30 national law firm Shoosmiths. From offices in Basingstoke, Birmingham, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Nottingham, Reading and Southampton, access legal from Shoosmiths offers more than 100 legal services to individuals, including access to no win no fee solicitors

Services have been grouped under seven headings: conveyancing; legal disputes; medical negligence; motoring law; personal injury; and wills, family and wealth. Access Legal from Shoosmiths makes it easier for people to get specialist advice from legal professionals. Shoosmiths has more than 150 years' experience and advises household name corporate clients.


Win a trip to NYC for New Year's Eve with Bio-Synergy

What better way to kick off 2012 than in the city that never sleeps? With New Year’s Eve fast approaching, innovative sports nutrition company Bio-Synergy wants to send you and a friend to the New York City for a week of adventure, fun, and new beginnings.

The New Year is a time for second chances and a clean slate. As part of this amazing competition, Bio-Synergy wants you to consider the big question – is this New Year the time for a New You?

Along with the release of the star-studded film New Year’s Eve on December 8th, Bio-Synergy wants you to head to New York to brush shoulders with the stars and turn the page on a new and healthier lifestyle.

Working for an improvement in body image and physique is the Number One resolution of the New Year. Though resolutions are easier made than fulfilled, Bio-Synergy can provide you with the fitness plan, eating advice, and scientific nutrition to make your goals stick in 2012.

Bio-Synergy is the most innovative sports nutrition company in the UK. For over 15 years they have been giving satisfied customers a straightforward and honest approach to nutrition and fitness. They don’t promise miracle solutions. They provide the highest-quality tools and advice your body needs to be healthy, strong, and toned.

Whatever your goals, visit www.bio-synergy.co.uk for great ideas and suggestions on how to meet and exceed your goals. From weight loss to weight gain, and muscle bulking to slimming down, the professionals at Bio-Synergy have you covered.

What are you waiting for? In 2012, Make It Happen with Bio-Synergy.

Bio-Synergy has been producing supplements locally in the UK for 15 years. Under the direction of CEO Daniel Herman, Bio-Synergy pioneered a number of innovative products including a two-phase programme of Creatine and women’s Skinny products that have cemented its position as one of the top sports supplement and lifestyle nutrition companies in the country.

Bio-Synergy products start at £12.99 and range up to £39.99

Facebook link for the competition:

New Year’s Eve Website:

E-Lites prove to be a popular hit in the East End

E-Lites on EastendersEastender’s fans switched on to their favourite soap last night to be greeted by the UK’s leading electronic cigarettes, E-Lites, which appeared on the show for the second time this year.
The show’s millions of viewers were re- introduced to the electronic cigarettes, which are healthier, cheaper and less restricted than tobacco cigarettes, by Roxy’s shady solicitor who lit up in the popular Café on Albert Square.

Before taking a puff on the smoking alternative, with its signature green light, the character who has been brought in to help Roxy win custody of her child with Jack Branning, turned to onlookers and said: “My first one of the day”. However, he need not be worried, as E-Lites contain no tar, tobacco or harmful chemical ingredients that are found in conventional cigarettes.

Those in the café enjoying breakfast didn’t need to panic either, as E-Lites produce only a harmless vapour and no nasty odour, meaning they can be smoked almost anywhere.

Adrian Everett, one of the founders and directors of E-Lites, said: “As the UK’s leading electronic cigarette brand, we were delighted to be asked to supply E-Lites to the makers of EastEnders. Seeing the electronic cigarettes being featured for a second time on the show, just shows how widely accepted they are becoming. The fact that these can be smoked almost anywhere and are much healthier and cheaper than traditional tobacco cigarettes, makes them an ideal alternative for both the world of soap as well as in reality.”

For details visit www.e-lites.co.uk

E-Lites (www.e-lites.co.uk) was established in the UK in 2007 and is already a leader in its field, producing some of the most advanced electronic cigarettes on the market. The company is expanding nationally and internationally as demand grows for its innovative products.

These are the result of extensive UK research and development. The evolution of E-Lites has been supported by significant investment in design and testing to ensure its electronic smoking devices are made to the highest standards and deliver the most authentic and luxurious smoking sensation possible. The company’s manufacturing facility uses the latest state of the art micro-electronic technology, ensuring E-Lites set the standard within the electronic smoking industry. E-Lites are globally patented, internationally trademarked, and are backed by an international parts replacement guarantee.

E-Lites have attracted the interest of numerous celebrities. Musicians and singers at the 2010 Royal Variety Performance were introduced to E-Lites, with members of N’Dubz, Take That, Jamie Cullum and Russell Watson among the stars fascinated by the product. E-Lites were also included in backstage goodie-bags at the Brit Awards 2011.

One of the directors of E-Lites, Michael Ryan is also chairman of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA), a representative body which provides advice, guidelines and support to members, as well as working to ensure the correct regulatory framework is applied to such products. For more information, visit www.ecita.org.uk

Monday, 28 November 2011

British designed and manufactured lens corrects life-long sight problems and restores confidence for 59-year-old Jill Lang

HR advisor and corporate coach Jill Lang’s vision problems were so severe that she had relied on glasses, contact lenses and ultimately a combination of the two since early childhood. But as cataracts worsened her sight even further, Jill discovered a special kind of implant and eye surgery – designed by Queen’s Award for Industry award-winner, Rayner Intraocular Lenses - that would leave her glasses-free for the first time in 55 years.

The self-employed home-worker from Cirencester became one of a small number of patients to receive a made-to-order T-flex Toric intraocular lens (IOL) from the Sussex-based lens manufacturer this year. The operation has enabled her to see clearly without glasses for the first time since early childhood, restoring not only her sight but also her confidence: “I’ve gone from needing glasses to see things right in front of my eyes, to barely needing glasses at all.

“It is wonderful – being able to walk around the house and see everything clearly, and also being able to look out of the windows and see everything in the distance just with my eyes and no glasses or contact lenses. Losing your sight really ebbs away at your confidence – you start to question what may happen in the future. I’ve got rid of my cataracts and gained great vision at the same time.”

Jill, who has been extremely shortsighted her whole life struggled to see the blackboard when she was just four years old. After relying on glasses for day-to-day vision for over a decade, she received one of the first rigid multicurve contact lenses when she was 17 years old. The multicurve contact lens – a then revolutionary optical aid – had a special aspheric shape to minimise visual disturbances, while providing a convenient glasses-free method of seeing clearly. However after time, these hard lenses were damaging Jill’s eyes and she was moved onto soft gas permeable contact lenses, which worked for some time but 10-15 years later, they just weren’t strong enough.

At this point, Jill was prescribed a combination of contact lenses and glasses to correct her vision and enable her to go about her everyday life. “It was an expensive option, but it absolutely kept me going,” she explains. A couple of years ago, Jill developed cataracts, and was once again was plagued with severe vision problems.

This time, however, seeking treatment for her cataracts presented Jill with the unique opportunity of also correcting her lifelong shortsightedness and astigmatism with a tailor-made toric intraocular lens (IOL). The T-flex is an injectable lens developed specifically to correct astigmatism with high precision, at the same time as providing a clear replacement lens for individuals with cataracts.

Gloucestershire-based consultant eye surgeon Richard Caesar performed Jill’s operation. He said: “For most of our cataract patients we can use ready-made IOLs. Jill fell so far outside the standard IOL power range in both her degree of shortsightedness and astigmatism that she needed an incredibly special lens. She is one of the first patients in this county who has had a Toric IOL implanted for such extreme refractive error and we are delighted with her results.”

He added: “The Rayner IOL is incredibly well made and it is very stable. Once it’s in the eye it doesn’t rotate, which means that it gives you a very predictable result.”

Rayner Intraocular Lenses Chairman and Managing Director, Donald Munro said: “We pride ourselves in being able to design and provide premium-quality bespoke lenses for patients with intricate needs such as those experienced by Jill Lang. To be able to give clear sight and thereby change the life of individuals such as this through excellence in design and manufacture is a large part of what drives us.”

Indeed, Jill, who pre-operatively had very poor respective spherical and cylindrical refractions of -15.50 and -4.75 in her right eye, and -20.00 and -5.00 in her left eye, now has remarkably improved right eye spherical and cylindrical respective refractions of -1.75 and -1.00 in her right eye and -1.00 and -0.75 in her left eye.

Jill explains: "Not many people would underestimate the value of being able to see clearly. My cataracts are gone, and I no longer have to struggle with contact lenses and glasses - it really has been incredible. ”

For more information about Rayner lenses

(EDITOR: As a former cataract sufferer, I can agree that such implants make ALL the difference! And if you have a doctor who says you are too young to have the operation or that your cataract/s are not 'ripe' enough to be treated, then your doctor is 20/30 years behind the times and it might be worth considering changing your doctor.)

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That's Books: Fashions In Eyeglasses By Richard Corson

That's Books: Fashions In Eyeglasses By Richard Corson: Fashions In Eyeglasses is the most comprehensive history of eyewear ever to be published in English, now reissued in an enlarged, updated e...

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Revolutionary E-Lites back BMA’s ban on smoking in cars

E-Lites electronic cigarettes
Today’s announcement by the British Medical Association (BMA) of the ban on smoking in cars has once again strengthened the call for the wider adoption of electronic cigarettes, according to leading UK brand E-Lites.

The ban follows similar clampdowns on tobacco vending machines, advertising, smoking in public places and cigarette pack design. Combined with the rising price of conventional cigarettes, it is becoming increasingly difficult to argue against the greater use of electronic cigarettes, which are healthier, safer, more convenient and more economical than their conventional counterparts.

The British Medical Association called for an extension on the current ban after reviewing evidence that showed the levels of toxins in a car can be up to 23 times greater than in a smoke-filled bar/pub.

Adrian Everett, a founder and co-director of E-Lites said: “This news comes as we’re seeing the beginning of the end for traditional tobacco cigarettes. Advanced technology has allowed us to create an alternative that is better in so many ways.

“With products now available that provide smokers with an enjoyable and authentic smoking experience, whilst being significantly healthier, better value and less restricted - this has to be the future.”

E-Lites produce an odour-free vapour, rather than smoke, and are unrestricted, which means they can be used almost anywhere.

Crucially, E-Lites contain none of the tar, tobacco, carcinogens and added chemicals found in conventional cigarettes.

For more information, please visit www.e-lites.co.uk

E-Lites (www.e-lites.co.uk) was established in the UK in 2007 and is already a leader in its field, producing some of the most advanced electronic cigarettes on the market. The company is expanding nationally and internationally as demand grows for its innovative products.

Its latest range of G9 range of E-Lites includes a disposable device that provides the equivalent of 40 cigarettes and is priced at £9.99. Rechargeable options include the hard-cased E200 starter kit, which provides the equivalent of around 200 cigarettes and is priced £39.99. Customers can then order E-Tip refills from the website, which are priced £7.99 for the equivalent of approximately 80 cigarettes.

E-Lites’ revolutionary products are the result of extensive UK research and development. The evolution of E-Lites has been supported by significant investment in design and testing to ensure its electronic smoking devices are made to the highest standards and deliver the most authentic and luxurious smoking sensation possible. The company’s manufacturing facility uses the latest state of the art micro-electronic technology, ensuring E-Lites set the standard within the electronic smoking industry. E-Lites are globally patented, internationally trademarked, and are backed by an international parts replacement guarantee.

Michael Ryan, one of the founding directors of E-Lites, is also chairman of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA), a representative body which provides advice, guidelines and support to members, as well as working to ensure the correct regulatory framework is applied to such products. For more information, visit www.ecita.org.uk

Leading Acupuncturist launches new website

Dr. Zhang
One of the UK’s most prominent doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Dr. Dapeng Zhang BSc. (hons), MSc, has launched his new web site detailing exciting news of pioneering treatments. The site, www.dapengclinic.com also gives visitors an insight into the alternative therapies that have contributed to Dr. Zhang being one of the most respected TCM doctors in the country.

Dr. Zhang provides alternative therapies for patients suffering with a variety of health concerns including multiple sclerosis (MS), arthritis, thyroid disorder, digestive problems and cancer. His holistic approach to well-being seeks to harmonise mind, body and spirit in a way that is both profound and long lasting in its effects. He hopes the brand new website will encourage even more people to invest in alternative therapies to improve their overall well-being.

Well known for his interest and extensive research in pain management, Dr. Zhang lectures on the physical and mental health benefits of acupuncture at the University of East London. However, more recently he has developed a unique specialistion in cosmetic acupuncture, developing a bespoke alternative to existing facial rejuvenation techniques.

At his highly successful practice in Harley Street, London, Dr. Zhang is already welcoming celebrity clients who now wish to experience revolutionary kind of beauty acupuncture. This totally natural alternative to botox and other standard rejuvenation techniques incorporates 24 carat gold. The treatment addresses both the causes and the effects of premature ageing with intense, long lasting results.

Dr. Zhang believes that his new web site offers greater awareness of his treatments. He says: I’m really pleased to be launching my brand new website and am sure it will give people a better understanding of all the treatments I offer here at Harley Street. The practice guarantees an experienced, friendly, ethical and empathetic approach to alternative therapies and this is definitely reflected in our new website.”

To celebrate the launch of the brand new website, Dr. Zhang is offering new clients 40% off their first cosmetic acupuncture consultation if booked before the end of November 2011. For more information, please visit www.dapengclinic.com or call +44 (0) 7766 495 158. Terms & Conditions apply.

For more information please visit www.dapengclinic.com

Dr. Dapeng Zhang was born in Tianjin, China where he started his lifelong love and interest in healing and natural therapies. He studied traditional Chinese Medicine together with acupuncture, Qigong, Tuina massage, pathology/pathways of disease and diagnostics, at the Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

After achieving a Master of Science (gaining a distinction for his extensive research into the benefits of acupuncture for different pain conditions), he was able to take up a position as a doctor in the city’s hospital.

In 2001 Dr. Zhang was seconded by the teaching hospital to Chicago, USA for a time before coming to the United Kingdom to begin work at the end of 2002.

After establishing a successful practice in Manchester, Dr. Zhang registered with the British Acupuncture Council and began further development in his special interest of pain management. His wide knowledge and skills base lead to him becoming Manchester Evening News’s regular columnist on TCM and acupuncture issues for two years before his move to London.

As well as having a highly successful practice in prestigious Harley Street, Dr. Zhang now also lectures in and teaches acupuncture at the University of East London. He is also gaining a following for his pioneering beauty therapies as a natural alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures.

Treatments at the Dapeng Clinic include beauty acupuncture, body acupuncture, Tuina massage, herbal medicine and reflexology.

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Step this way for total health

Some of the many ways to use a STEP360If you're desperate to reshape for the party season and slim down for Christmas, get fit quick and effectively with the revolutionary Step360™.

This total-body home training tool, developed in conjunction with Jessie Pavelka, America's Hottest Trainer (has his own show on Sky and on Oprah Winfrey), the Step360™ is changing the way people work out across the globe.

An evolution from the original aerobic step, the Step360’s™ secret is a revolutionary design that marries two adjustable air-filled chambers with a flat, padded platform. Every time you step on the platform, you engage your entire core and surrounding stabilizing muscles. Add or decrease air to control just how challenging you want your workout to be. It’s an ab machine, a butt blaster, and a thigh trimmer ensuring you burn hundreds of calories with each workout, whilst firming your muscles and flattening your abs.

And studies have shown that when you pair the Step360™with Jessie Pavelka's unique 30 and 60 second high-energy burst workouts you can burn off twice the calories that you would from pounding the treadmill.

With this all-in-one training tool you'll blast fat, lose inches and reshape your abs, butt and thighs. Plus, with the Fast Interval Training Program you'll boost your metabolism so you'll keep burning more calories all day long, even at rest up to 48 hours later. It's the smartest, most effective, most efficient way to exercise.

What’s included in the Step360™ kit £89.99

Step360™ inflatable unit (including pins for inflatation and an air pump)

Fast Interval Training DVD with your home trainer; Jessie Pavelka. The secret to rapid results is this all-in-one workout program including 6 great workouts on one DVD:-

- Cardio Accelerator
- Love Your Belly, Butt & Thighs
- Turn Up The Burn
- Tone Up In 10
- Body Sculpt Blaster
- Speed Slimming Sculpt

Plus each kit includes x 4 BONUS items, including, an additional Intense Workout DVD, a 7-Day Express healthy meal plan, a Workout Calendar and Weight Loss guide book.
Resistance bands can also be added to unit for a more varied upper body workout - £14.99 each

Step360™ is available now from www.highstreettv.com, or on Freephone 0800 883 8224.

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Antioxidant-Packed Winter Drinks Recipes

AOk Drinks is the perfect drink to serve at parties during the festive season: with or without alcohol

AOk Winter Warmer Recipe:


One 250ml bottle of AOk per person
Clementines cut into slices (2 slices per drink)
Cinnamon stick


Gently warm the AOk juice in a saucepan, with slices of Clementine and a cinnamon stick, but do not allow it to reach boiling point.
Serve in a tall glass with a slice of Clementine on the side for decoration.

AOk Alcohol-Free Cocktail Recipe:


2 x 250ml bottles of AOk
150ml fresh orange juice
75ml fresh lime juice
Mint leaves to garnish


Mix all of the ingredients together in a jug and add ice cubes if desired.

Festive AOk Cocktail Recipe:


150ml Amaretto
3 or 4 x 250ml of AOk juice depending on personal taste
Handful of cranberries


Put the Amaretto, AOk juice, cranberries and ice cubes into a jug and stir well. Serve immediately.

AOk Winter Fizz Recipe:


One chilled 250ml bottle of AOk will make five glasses of AOk Winter Fizz
1 tsp campari per glass
1 chilled bottle of Cava / Prosecco / Champagne


Pour 50ml of AOk into a Champagne glass.
Add 1 tsp campari.
Top with sparkling wine. Serve immediately.


AOk is a red grape, cherry, aloe vera and ginger drink, with a hint of vanilla.
One 250ml bottle of AOk provides your daily recommendation of antioxidants (nutritionists recommend 3000-5000 per day and AOk contains 3,600) and just 145k cal. Stuart Roberts, nutritionist and managing director of AOk created the drink in 2008 to provide a synergistic combination of antioxidant packed ingredients. Designed to meet consumer demands for healthy convenience, the drink is a tasty alternative to mainstream flavours and offers an original flavour.

AOk retails for £1.69 per 250ml bottle (at selected Waitrose stores nationwide|http://www.aokdrinks.com/antioxidants/file/stores.php], Waitrose.com and Ocado.com.

One 250ml bottle of AOk provides:

• Your daily recommended requirement of antioxidants
• One of your ‘five a day’
• Only 145 calories

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Swansea Leads New UK E-Cigarette Industry

Fans of the electronic cigarette might just be surprised as to where their innovative devices come from.

Electronic cigarettes act as a replacement for traditional cigarettes. Although similar to cigarettes in their appearance and usage, e-cigarettes contain neither tar nor tobacco, and the remaining nicotine is thought to cause just one percent of the harm of regular cigarettes.

The devices show such promise that David Halpern, chair of the Behavioural Insights Team (Government ‘Nudge’ Unit), recently concluded:

"There’s no doubt it can save many lives and hundreds of millions of pounds."

And the Welsh city of Swansea is the centre of the only UK ECITA-accredited e-liquid factory, Decadent Vapers, which supplies firms all over the UK, Europe and the rest of the world with its superb Welsh nicotine liquid.

And it’s the home of ecigarettedirect.co.uk, also accredited by ECITA, manufacturer of the Smoker’s Halo brand, an electronic cigarette exported to countries as far away as Australia, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

These two are working together to supply superb UK-produced e-liquid to the UK - and beyond!

“Swansea may be a small city, but there’s no doubt that companies and people here have the drive and innovation needed to succeed in today’s world,” concluded Managing Director of E Cigarette Direct, Jean Rasbridge.

For details visit www.ecigarettedirect.co.uk

That's Parenting: An itchy subject for parents...

That's Parenting: An itchy subject for parents...: Over a third (37%) of all of school children under 16 (4.06 million) now experience at least one head lice infestation a year, rising to...

That's Beauty and Living: Simple Set To Raise £100,000 For Macmillan Cancer ...

That's Beauty and Living: Simple Set To Raise £100,000 For Macmillan Cancer ...: Celebrity fans swear by Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes, the UK’s best-selling facial ...

That's Food and Drink: Ensure your Christmas feasts do not leave anyone o...

That's Food and Drink: Ensure your Christmas feasts do not leave anyone o...: With at least nine million people at risk of an adverse reaction to their Christmas dinner Genius Foods, the UK’s leading gluten-free brand,...

That's Christmas: Avoid hangover Hell this Christmas and New Year wi...

That's Christmas: Avoid hangover Hell this Christmas and New Year wi...: We all look forward to the party season, but over-indulgence can sometimes place extra demand on our nutrient levels. Rich food, the dehyd...

Low carb health risk warning for pre-Chrustmas dieters

 ·         Experts issue warning of low carb health risks ahead of pre-Christmas dieting
·         Research reveals 38 per cent of people are adopting zero or low carb diets in a bid to lose weight
·         Evidence shows links between low carb diets and obesity
·         Dr Sarah Schenker gives her top five tips on how to implement a healthy pre-Christmas diet that can be maintained all year round

‘Tis nearly the season to fit into that slinky black dress but experts are warning women to take care when embarking on fad diets, in a bid to shift those unwanted pounds before the Christmas party season.

While clinical evidence shows low carb diets increase the likelihood of being overweight or obese*, research from Wholegrain Goodness** reveals 38 per cent of Brits are adopting zero or low carb diets to lose weight, therefore eliminating important food groups required to maintain a healthy diet. Nearly half (41 per cent) admit they start dieting from their teens, as young as 13 years of age.

Of those who have undertaken a zero or low carbohydrate diet in the last two years, a quarter (25 per cent) admit to experiencing bad breath and a further quarter (24 per cent) has suffered fatigue while on the diet. Other adverse reactions reported include; constipation (23 per cent); an upset stomach (22 per cent); feeling grumpy and short tempered (15 per cent); and still feeling hungry (25 per cent). Medical evidence also suggests low carb diets can be linked to fatal heart problems and can increase the chances of coronary artery disease and stroke. 

Independent dietitian, Dr Sarah Schenker,pointed out: “Christmas is just around the corner so it’s alarming to see such a large proportion of people cutting out an important food group from their diets as they are possibly eliminating vital fibre and key nutrients such as vitamin E and magnesium. A poor intake of carbohydrate can trigger a process called ketosis, resulting in increased levels of substances called ketones being released into the bloodstream. This in turn causes some of the side effects reported in the research, such as nausea, bad breath and fatigue.”

The findings also show 12 per cent of Britons who have adopted zero or low carb diets say they have quickly gained back the weight lost after stopping the diet, and five per cent have ended up putting on more weight afterwards. Yet despite the health warnings, 18 per cent admit they would try a low carbohydrate diet if they felt it would work, even though they suspect it isn’t healthy.

To help those who want to shed a few pounds to fit into their LBD, Dr Schenker has compiled her Top Five Tips to a Healthy Pre-Christmas Diet:

·         Don’t skip breakfastit’s the most important meal of the day as it jump-starts your body and helps to stem mid-morning cravings. Try porridge with a chopped banana, muesli with fresh fruit, or a slice of toasted wholemeal bread with peanut butter
·         Cut down on sugar intakedon’t turn to sugary drinks and snacks to ‘boost’ flagging energy levels. Instead, keep well hydrated by drinking fluids like water, teas and coffee throughout the day – being hydrated keeps you sharp and focused – and swap cakes and biscuits for fresh, dried or tinned fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth
·         Don’t forget alcohol has caloriestry alternating alcoholic drinks with low     calorie soft drinks or glasses of water to limit alcohol intake. And don’t top up your glass before you have finished a drink so you can keep an eye on exactly how much you are drinking. It also helps to know the calorific content of what you’re drinking too – the average glass of mulled wine contains a whopping 245 calories while a single shot of vodka has just 51 calories
·         Eat three servings of wholegrain foods each dayfoods such as porridge, wholemeal bread and brown rice are typically low GI and so release energy slowly, reducing the need to over-eat or snack on sugary and fatty foods

·         Snack healthilyeven with a balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, carbohydrates and lean protein, we all get cravings once in a while. Don’t reach for a chocolate bar; instead, grab a handful of blueberries, nuts, sunflower seeds or oatcakes to see you through to the next mealtime

Dr Schenker added: “People tend to look for a ‘quick fix’ solution when it comes to losing weight, particularly in the run-up to Christmas but carbohydrates needn’t be a dieter’s enemy. They are a good, low fat source of energy, especially wholegrain varieties, which help you feel fuller for longer.”

Further findings suggest that Brits are not getting enough wholegrain foods whether they are dieting or not. Nutritionists around the world recommend that three servings (or 48 grams) of wholegrains are eaten each day; however, 67 per cent of people polled eat only one serving or less of wholegrains a day as part of their everyday diet, with 20 per cent admitting to never eating wholegrains.

A medium sized wholemeal roll gives you 34g, a slice of wholemeal bread gives you 25g and an average sized wholemeal pitta gives you around 39g of wholegrain.

A wholegrain guide is available on HGCA’s Wholegrain Goodness website: www.wholegraingoodness.com

ME Specialist Helps Sufferers Get Their lives On Track

 Greaves ME Specialist
Don’t invest time and energy learning to live with ME, learn to live without it instead. That is the heartfelt advice of Michelle Greaves, who suffered from the condition for three years.

Anyone whose life has been touched by ME will be familiar with Michelle’s struggle: the debilitating exhaustion, anxiety and inability to concentrate followed by periods of relatively good health, only for the physically and psychologically-draining cycle to begin again.

Worrying about what the next day would hold was a constant feature of university life for Michelle, and fainting at the wheel of her car was her lowest point.

Michelle was locked in to the boom and bust energy patterns of a condition that can turn active, positive and happy individuals into quiet, weak and vulnerable people who find it difficult to function on a day-to-day basis.

Now the London-based specialist, whose family home is in Congleton, Cheshire has beaten ME - and she has dedicated her life to help others do the same.

Not only that, she is an entertaining, passionate and informed expert, happy to talk about her own experiences to help others and to improve awareness of ME.

For years, Michelle battled with an illness that seemed to have no end. Mainstream guidance was inadequate, she found – something she vowed to change.

Doctors, charities and support websites told her to learn to live with the condition, but she refused to believe this was the way it had to be. Michelle spent more over £15,000 on research, supplements, seeing a range of health practitioners, detoxes and taking courses around the world to help with her recovery. This research, combined with an unfailingly positive attitude and an unstoppable belief that she would beat ME, resulted in Michelle taking her health into her own hands and getting her life back on track.

Across the UK, people are looking for underactive thyroid treatment, hypoglycaemia treatment, Fibromyalgia cure, chronic fatigue syndrome treatment and adrenal fatigue cure.
From her own experiences, Michelle concluded that pumping herself full of drugs was having little effect, while a natural approach delivered positive, long-lasting results.

Michelle says: “You are told that this condition has no cure and it is something you need to learn to manage, but throughout, I was determined never to give up and one day be free of ME.

Today I have energy everyday and that’s because I embarked on a four-year programme of dedicated research into ME. I discovered the secrets of bringing balance into my life.

“Helping others to transform their lives in this way has become my mission and I am now dedicated to sharing my secrets with them. My theory is that ME isn’t something you should learn to live with, but something you should learn to live without.”

Michelle now runs the ME Recovery Programmes to enable other ME sufferers to get their lives back. This begins with a three-day course in Congleton, Cheshire in November. The course helps attendees understand ME and its root causes, and it gives them the tools to make a full recovery. As part of the Recovery Programme, Michelle also does scientific testing specific to fatigue-related conditions and three months of support following the course via phone and email.

The Congleton course runs from November 25 to 27 at the Alexandra Court Boutique Hotel. There will be a maximum of 10 participants, and it sets out an integrated approach for anyone suffering from ME, looking for Fibromyalgia cure, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Adrenal Exhaustion.

Attendees will learn not only how to deal with chronic fatigue, but also how to overcome it completely by a combination of turning negative thoughts into positive ones and making changes to health and lifestyle.

Michelle emphasises there are no magic wands to cure people, but the course teaches people the five steps to health that can be used to overcome ME for good. She is proof that a positive attitude and expert guidance can help you live your life and follow your dreams.


That's Health: The Sophisticated Alcoholic: a user’s guide

That's Health: The Sophisticated Alcoholic: a user’s guide: This controversial new work challenges the traditional treatments that perpetuate myth of self-help groups, abstinence and a lifetime of str...

The Sophisticated Alcoholic: a user’s guide

This controversial new work challenges the traditional treatments that perpetuate myth of self-help groups, abstinence and a lifetime of struggle.

‘The Sophisticated Alcoholic’ is the title of a new book written by therapist David Allen to help people fundamentally change their relationship with alcohol. It is now available on Amazon to pre-order and will be published by O-Books on 25th November 2011, priced £12.99.

With useful step-by-step guides, the book breaks all the rules on treating alcohol dependency, showing people how to eliminate the misuse of alcohol without the need to wage a constant ‘battle against the bottle’ or the need for powerful chemical medication.

Allen’s controversial approach directly challenges flawed, yet generally accepted, concepts from genetic assumptions to conventional treatment regimes.

He denies that there is a need for total abstinence or a lifetime of attendance at self-self help groups. Allen maintains that these self-perpetuating groups take a view of alcoholism that is defeatist, irresponsible and wrong.

Allen’s approach focuses understanding, then changing the root causes of the excessive drinking - negating powerful desires rather than suppressing them.

Ed Mitchell – the former TV presenter whose alcoholism caused him to lose everything – his marriage, his job and his home – and ended up living rough, writes the foreword. A former client of David Allen, Ed Mitchell has won his own personal battle with alcohol and now lives in a flat above an off licence.

In the book, David Allen describes the “invisible majority” – ordinary people with successful careers; those with families who live their lives with responsibility, but use alcohol in a managed fashion, organising their drinking so that it has minimal effect upon their day to day lives yet far in exceeds recommended healthy limits.

“Many of these people have already concluded that they consistently drink too much yet are unable to reduce their consumption despite their intelligence and sophistication,” said Allen.

David Allen, who admits that he once drank to excess himself, estimates that there are 10.5 million ‘sophisticated’ alcoholics in the UK.

Following his personal victory against the booze, Allen has continued to help others to completely change their relationship with alcohol through personal sessions and the world’s first on-line interactive programme delivered by his website that allows people to be treated remotely and with complete anonymity.

Since 2007 hundreds of people have subscribed to the programme. However, whilst online treatment can be hugely beneficial for many, Allen believes it is not necessarily the best means of conveying extensive in-depth information. After running the programme successfully for five years and working directly with individuals, Allen decided these new concepts to people about behaviour control though the book.

“If people understand what drives their behaviour they are better placed to change it,” says Allen. “This is the first step, to promote real awareness of the causes of unwanted behaviour - we are driven by subconscious programs that are almost impossible to change by conscious determination.

David Allen himself once drank to excess, but now rarely drinks at all.
After smoking, alcoholism kills more people in the UK than any other drug. One adult in 13 is dependant on drink, according to Government statistics.

Allen also provides, one-to-one sessions, telephone support on on-line treatment programmes through his website.

33,000 people die each year due to alcohol-related incidents or associated health problems.

Alcohol is involved in 15% of road accidents, 26% of drownings, and 36% of death in fires.

A quarter of accidents at work are drink-related.


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That's Books: Weight Loss, the Essential Guide

That's Books: Weight Loss, the Essential Guide: This is another of the highly approachable and easy to use Need 2 Know books. It is written by Sara Kirkham who is not a guru of a weird fad...

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That's Food and Drink: Chemo Cookery- Ideas to Make Chemo More Tolerable

That's Food and Drink: Chemo Cookery- Ideas to Make Chemo More Tolerable: This month is breast cancer awareness month, and while the shops are brimming with all things pink, helping to raise valuable funds for canc...

Key Assets launches disability services for young people in Western Australia

Key Assets is expanding its foster care provision in Western Australia with the upcoming launch of a new disability services program.

Key Assets disability services have been designed in partnership with young people, families and professionals to meet the complex and ordinary care needs of children and young people in Western Australia.

The disability services program aims to provide quality personal care services to children, young people and young adults with a disability between the age of 0 to 25. These services will enable young people to live ordinary lives, to experience independence and equality, and to access social and educational opportunities within the community.

Experienced Key Assets support staff will facilitate the implementation of the disability services, supporting individuals with a disability in the home and helping to provide accommodation solutions for young people who are unable to live with their birth families or are seeking alternative community housing.

Additional transition support from Key Assets in the form of alternative family care arrangements provide a stepping stone to independent living for individuals with disabilities who are approaching the age of independence. Areas of support during this time may include life skills and training and educational support, along with a range of other relevant key skills.

Liesel Olney, General Manager of Key Assets in Western Australia, said: "The new Key Assets disability services provide an exciting opportunity for development of a range of specialised services for people with disabilities as well as their families and carers. The new programme will allow for Key Assets to develop services that are tailored to each service user’s needs in close consultation with that individual and their family. This will ensure the best outcomes and create more opportunities for independence and inclusion.

"This programme also allows for children and young people in foster care with a disability to receive ongoing funding, accommodation and support from Key Assets after the age of 18, allowing for stability and consistency. Key Assets is now a registered provider for the Disability Services Commission (DSC) and work in close collaboration with the DSC, the Department for Child Protection (DCP) and other relevant disability community services."

Key Assets will also work with the families of children and young people with disabilities to offer short break care for young people. This will allow families and carers to arrange holidays or take care of other responsibilities around the home.

Disability services from Key Assets will be accessible outside of working hours via a 24-hour phone line for advice and intervention. Key Assets also aims to offer each young person and their foster carer such additional benefits as advanced training and psycho-therapeutic support.


Key Assets is a non-government 'not for profit' agency operating in Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland. As part of Core Assets, a global operation providing services in social care and fostering, Key Assets aims to provide 'quality care in a family setting' for a diverse range of children and young people. Through an expansion in services, Key Assets provides Western Australian foster care and disability support services for children, young people and families.

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That's Business: Menopause management at work

That's Business: Menopause management at work: The menopause can trigger a variety of symptoms including hot flushes, or flashes, poor concentration, mood swings and frequent urination. ...

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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Infertile couples who want to adopt find out what’s involved at this week’s Fertility Show

This week’s National Adoption Week raises the plight of children waiting for adoption. It also highlights potential parents hoping to start a family through adoption.

At this week’s Fertility Show, nearly 4,000 visitors are expected to attend, looking for solutions to help overcome their infertility. IVF is often a route many go down. But not everyone succeeds in having their own children.

For those who don’t, adoption is another way forward. At this week’s show, visitors will hear a talk from the London Borough of Brent Adoption Team about exactly what’s involved. With 64,000 children in care in the UK, it would seem like an obvious route.

But many are daunted by newspaper headlines of an over complicated system in the UK with three year delays and intense scrutiny. For some, adopting abroad offers a more compelling solution. This year the show also features a talk from Cecile Trijssenaar, who adopted her son from Russia and who now advises other parents how to do so.

The Fertility Show backs the government’s aims of making adoption in the UK more accessible. With 1 in 6 couples facing infertility at some stage in their lives, there would appear to be huge source of potential adopters if processes can be simplified.

Notes to editors:

- The Fertility Show is backed by leading patient care charity, Infertility Network UK

- It takes place at London’s Olympia Exhibition Centre, Hammersmith, on Friday and Saturday Nov 4-5, 2011. Admission price £10 in advance, £14 on the door. Seats in seminars £1.

- Amongst 60 leading speakers at the show are;

Sam Abdalla (Medical Director, Lister Fertility Centre),
Yacoub Khalaf, (Medical Director, Guy’s & St Thomas’ ACU),
Charles Kingsland (Clinical Director, The Hewitt Centre for Reproduction),
Julian Norman-Taylor (Consultant Gynaecologist, Chelsea and Westminster assisted conception unit),
Michael Dooley (medical director The Poundbury Clinic),
Zita West (well known midwife and fertility Counsellor),
Allan Pacey (University of Sheffield),
Dr Zhai (Zhai Chinese Medicine Clinic),
Kate Brian (Author) and over 40 other leading fertility specialists.