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Jenny Craig Launches New Ambassadors: Dame Edna & Barry Humphries!

Dame Edna & Barry Humphries
National Treasure Dame Edna Everage and her adoring manager Barry Humphries get serious about their health and pledge to shed 33lbs each with JENNY CRAIG and their healthy diet plans. With the megastar and her manager about to embark on their farewell tour, Edna states the dramatic change is necessary in the interests of their health and, as role models, the health of their public.

“Possums, Barry and I both appreciate the influence we have over our adoring public. Just like the Beckhams, people follow and copy our every move. And lately, well let’s be brutally honest, we’ve let ourselves go and haven’t been good role models. I have a wardrobe full of breathtaking gowns but I have to hold my breath to wear them …only three gowns fit me these days. When I'm on stage, I have to suck in my tummy because I fear my dress will burst at the seams. Just like my dear friend Mel B, I’m hoping to get my pre-baby body back! While that was many years ago the outcome should be the same with the help of JENNY CRAIG.

“I’ve always had a nice little double chin, but recently it’s turned into a quadruple chin. I want to live a long time and I am ready for JENNY CRAIG,” said Edna.

Barry Humphries also worries about Edna’s weight. “We were in London recently and Edna’s looks were savaged by one critic in particular who described her as rather ‘tubby’. Well, that was a wake up call for both of us, especially with our so-called “farewell” tour, ‘Eat, Pray, Laugh’, about to start in June.

"We want everyone to rally behind us on Jenny’s ‘Edna Forever’ campaign. Edna is a legend; she deserves the very best. We may be approaching our early twilight years - or as I like to call them, our ‘after lunch years’ - but Edna has some sage advice to impart regardless of your age," said Mr Humphries.

Barry also admits he has his own problems with food and will be supporting Edna and encouraging all men to think about their health.

"I have a problem with food and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Don’t forget, you can get help. There’s no shame in a man getting help. It’s a shame if you don’t!"

Find out why Edna chose JENNY CRAIG, why she has a tapeworm as a family pet and her tips for looking like a megastar by clicking here.

Walliams and Allsopp pick up H2Open Awards

Roger Allsopp collects his tropy
Roger Allsopp collects his trophy
H2Open, the world’s only dedicated open water swimming magazine, announced the winners of the inaugural H2OpenAwards at a ceremony forming the final activity of the H2Open Day event at the Reading Lake Hotel on 28 April. The winners included David Walliams, who won the ‘Charity Swim of the Year’ award for his epic 140 mile Thames swim, and Roger Allsopp, who collected the ‘Inspirational Swim of the Year’ award after becoming the oldest person ever to swim the English Channel last September.

Walliams, who couldn’t attend the ceremony as he was out of the country filming, was represented by Stephen Meadows of Comic Relief, who project managed the Thames swim. Meadows read out a statement from Walliams, who thanked the thousands of supporters who lined the Thames and gave so generously to his campaign as that helped maintain his motivation through the swim.

Allsopp, from Guernsey, attended the ceremony in person and received his trophy from Cassandra Patten, bronze medallist in the 10km marathon swim in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Earlier in the day he demonstrated his fortitude by taking part in a 750m swim in the lake around the hotel. He was one of only a handful of participants who braved the 12 degree water without a wetsuit.

Other winners of the Awards, which were created in partnership with events company Triathlon Racing Inc and designed to celebrate achievements in open water swimming, included Colin Hill, Ambassador of the Year, Oliver Wilkinson, Swimmer of the Year and Bernd Berkhahn, Coach of the Year. As well as the trophies, all the individual winners were awarded VIP entries to the British Gas Great North Swim.

Nova International, organiser of the British Gas Great Swim series, picked up the prize for Best UK Event, while the Lorne Pier to Pub, a 1.2km sea swim in Australia won ‘Best International Event’. The final award, ‘Innovation of the Year’ went to swim equipment specialist Finis for their AquaPulse, a device that clips to the earlobe and monitors a swimmer’s heart rate.

The awards, designed to celebrate achievement in open water swimming, received over 200 nominations from H2Open readers across the eight categories. A distinguished panel of judges (see below) then reviewed all nominations and short-listed the top four in each category. Each judge reviewed and ranked the nominations independently.

The judging panel consisted of:
• Cassandra Patten, Bronze medallist, 2008 Beijing Olympics Marathon Swim
• Duncan Goodhew, Olympic Gold medallist and swimming ambassador
• Steven Munatones, former 25km open water swimming world champion and founder of open water source
• Kate Rew, founder, Outdoor Swimming Society
• Nick Adams, President, Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation
• Colin Hill, Marathon Swimming Technical Manager for the London 2012 Olympics

For the full list of winners see:

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Saturday, 28 April 2012

TV Daybreak Uncovers the Latest Migraine Cure?

'Can past-life regression cure migraines?' was the question posed by ITV Daybreak recently.

ITV Daybreak presenters Kate Garraway and Dan Lobb were intrigued when past-life expert Nicolas Aujula popped in on the sofa with Regression patient Lisa Palmer with the claim that he has found an effective cure for migraines.

Having Regressed hundreds of people over the years, Nicolas has found some physical ailments are actually caused by past-life traumas. Through using past-life regression it is possible to now find long-term relief from migraines, a debilitating condition that affects one in seven people in the UK.

Nicolas who's appeared on the 'Our Psychic Family' TV-series offers his alternative theory “I believe that migraines are caused by a past-life trauma. The common thread that appears in most cases is that patients remember dyeing as a result of a head injury. In every case where a trauma is discovered, re-living the experience clears the migraines”.

Regression Therapy patient Lisa Palmer from Kent had suffered from migraines all her life. The 38-year-old found her migraines had completely disappeared after being regressed to a past-life where she discovered dyeing of a head-injury. Having been failed by conventional medicine since childhood where nothing worked, the cure has finally ended years of agony.

Lisa reflects “Having migraines is a huge limitation as some days I can't drive, socialise, go to work or even be there for my family. I just have to take to my bed for the day. Now they have completely gone it's changed my life. I wish I had done this 20 years ago”

Nicolas Aujula stresses this kind of therapy is most effective in cases where migraines originate from an early age. He boasts a string of clients who can testify to the benefits of Past-Life Regression as 80% of migraine cases respond to positive treatment.

Nicolas comments “At death we lose the physical body yet our energetic body survives. A traumatic death from a head-injury death will leave an imprint on this energetic body that passes onto the next body when we are born to manifest as a migraine in the present life”

Medical professionals are still baffled by what causes migraines in the first place often attributing them down to stress or even genetics. With tests and MRI scans usually coming back negative and medication only providing moderate relief, conventional treatment consists of lifestyle changes and pills yet many patients still struggle with the symptoms.

Not only are migraines extremely disabling to quality of life but they also contribute to the loss of economic productivity. The European Journal on Neurology states “Chronic migraine attacks are a significant source of both medical costs and lost productivity. It has been estimated to be the most costly neurological disorder in the EU, costing more than €27 billion per year”.

Past-Life expert Nicolas Aujula is available for media interviews - complimentary sessions with journalists - charity opportunities - research projects. Lisa Palmer is available as a case-study.
One of the managers of the Australian Aged Care Provider IRT is visiting nine ExtraCare Care Homes in a month long visit to learn more about the philosophy of caring for the elderly. The visit is part of an exchange arrangement which was agreed last year in a mutual study of best practise when it comes to alternative care homes and the lifestyle of the residents who live within them.

The ExtraCare Charitable Trust works hard to develop inspirational villages for the over 55s. The ExtraCare care homes offer a unique alternative to traditional care homes and enable older people to enjoy a healthier, active and more independent lifestyle.

Ginny Larkin, the manager of Imperial Court in Northamptonshire visited Australia last year in order to investigate how IRT operates and now, Helen Spence of the IRT is visiting various ExtraCare care homes around the country in order the learn more about ExtraCare and its work.

On her arrival, Helen Spence commented on the warmth and enthusiasm from both staff and residents. Her visit started in Northampton where she visited St Crispin Retirement Village before travelling to Coventry to attend a resident survey in Humber Court.

In both Australia and the UK, funding for the aging population is high on government agenda. Helen Spence commented on the governmental support saying "With fewer taxes being paid in Australia. I am very interested in how ExtraCare is supported financially from the community. IRT is waiting on the Australian government's reaction to a recent commission report before deciding how future funding will develop."

Throughout the visit, Helen Spence will collate ideas which she can take back to Australia with her. To find out more about the work and communities at the ExtraCare care homes simply visit the site at

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New healthcare research proves investment in medical technology would save money and lives

New healthcare research indicates greater investment in ICT and diagnostic technologies would save money and directly improve patients’ health.

The research, led by Professor Walter Van Dyck of Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School and European think-tank Science│Business, consisted of a series of small-scale trials using new technologies across the UK, Belgium and Germany and focused on exactly where and how money could be saved.

The study concluded that using ICT to create a personalised approach to diagnosis and treatment in the UK could deliver a potential saving of more than 35% over current practices.

Through investment in central, electronic patient records and genetic testing, healthcare workers were able to identify “high risk” and “low risk” patients when diagnosing common health conditions. These categories were then used to tailor the level of treatment specifically to the patient’s needs, resulting in medical appointments only being made for those patients who required them.

Results also showed that adopting this approach when conducting breast cancer screenings could lead to the average cost per patient falling by 37%, when compared to the current system of screening all women aged over 50. It also provided health benefits as “high risk” patients were monitored more closely, meaning it was possible to detect cancer earlier, treat it effectively and therefore reduce the need for expensive later-stage treatments.

Similarly in detecting cardiovascular diseases, the research showed that providing “high risk” patients with better access to preventative screenings would see the cost of treating heart problems decrease by up to 46%. By equipping GP’s with point-of-care technologies, they were able to perform necessary tests quickly and cheaply. Additionally, technology that allows cardiovascular patients to be responsible for electronically monitoring their own vitals (such as blood pressure and temperature) before sending them into a central nursing unit electronically, resulted in patient adherence to prescribed treatment increasing from 30% to an impressive 92%.

Professor Van Dyke points out: “This is the first time that an analysis has been conducted for the entire value chain of technology investments in healthcare: from healthy individual to initial diagnosis, treatment of disease and eventual recovery or death. The technologies that would allow both GPs and patients to do this are currently available on the market, but are not commonly used. It would require substantial investment from the start, but the research has also shown that in the long term, society can also expect a net saving by keeping more people healthy for longer periods of their lives. This is a very important lesson regarding the cost effectiveness of our healthcare.”

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Maxifuel Support the Tour of Britain

Maxifuel supports Team UK Youth
Maxifuel supports Team UK Youth
Sports endurance brand announces pivotal partnership in cycling

Maxifuel, the UK’s preferred endurance brand from sport nutrition experts Maxinutrition, has announced a new deal to become the official sports nutrition partner to the UK’s biggest cycling event: The Tour of Britain, which also includes The Halfords Tour Series and The Tour Rides.

The Hemel Hempstead-based company will provide amateur riders with individually-tailored nutritional support to complement their lifestyle, training and racing schedules as well as support professional participants and race enthusiasts through sampling opportunities at the various events.

The Tour of Britain, taking place from 9-16 September, is the country’s largest free-to-spectate live sporting event attracting over a million spectators to the roadside annually, while over 10,000 amateur cyclists take part in the mass participation Tour Rides based on Tour of Britain stage routes.

The Halfords Tour Series is a city centre cycling race series, taking place throughout May and June. It will see ten teams of five highly tuned professional cyclists engage in a daily one hour competition of intense, fast paced, attacking racing to become the overall champions of the series. Maxifuel supported Team UK Youth are one of the ten teams vying to be Series Champions in 2012.

Senior Sponsorship & PR Manager for Maxifuel, Mark Morgan says “We are delighted to announce this pivotal partnership with The Tour of Britain and are relishing the opportunity to make a nutritional impact on such an exciting and vibrant series of cycling events. {{Following our recent sponsorship of the UK Youth Pro Cycling team this deal further exemplifies Maxifuel’s commitment to cycling.}}”

Commenting on the partnership, Tour of Britain Race Director Mick Bennett said, “I’d like to welcome Maxifuel to The Tour family of events, and we look forward to working together in what is a very important year for British sport. I am sure spectators and our Tour Ride participants will be looking forward to exploring Maxifuel’s range of products with the aim of helping them to improve their performance.”

Maxifuel is proud to support other events, teams and athletes such as Team UK Youth, British Triathlon Federation, GB & England Hockey, Badminton England and GB athletes including, Stuart Hayes (triathlon) Kate Dennison (pole vault), Chris Walker- Hebborn (swimming) and Andrew Steele (athletics).

For more information on Maxifuel and its sports nutrition range please visit

More information on the event series can be found at, and

Chlorella Growth Factor, nature’s most powerful way of aiding recovery

Whether you’ve just had surgery or are recovering from a serious illness or injury, the question that’s foremost in your mind could well be, ‘How long will it be before I’m back on my feet again?

Recuperation from an illness or injury can be more difficult and take more time than many people realise. However, a healthy lifestyle – including a balanced diet, regular gentle exercise (as long as you don’t do too much, too soon) and plenty of sleep – can help with the recovery process.

There is also a new, powerful way to support healing: that is, taking a natural supplement called Nature Complete Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF).

What is Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF)?
Discovered in the 1950s by a Japanese scientist, CGF is an extract of chlorella, a green freshwater alga. The exciting thing about chlorella is that its cells divide themselves into four every 20 to 24 hours. Scientists believe the substance that allows this rapid expansion is CGF, which is produced during photosynthesis and makes up just 3 – 5% of the alga.

Significantly, CGF is believed to contain the highest level of the nucleic acids RNA and DNA, which the human body also produces naturally. But as you age, your production of RNA and DNA slows down – eating foods rich in nucleic acids, however, is thought to stimulate your body’s ability to create its own.

RNA and DNA is found in a range of foods, but chlorella is by far one of the richest. For example, it contains 17 times more RNA than sardines.

CGF and repair
Many scientists believe taking CGF on a regular basis may help repair damaged tissue and cells. That’s because having good levels of RNA and DNA in the body is thought to help protect vital cell processes, including the function of cell walls. When the body is producing optimum levels of RNA and DNA, it is also capable of using nutrients more effectively, which means the function of cells to repair themselves is also boosted.

Japanese scientists in the 1960s carried out tests that also suggest CGF may promote the tissue repair. After giving schoolchildren two grams of chlorella on a regular basis, after 112 days they discovered the children had grown faster and gained more weight than others who were not taking the alga.

Since the same substances and processes that accelerate growth in children are thought to also promote the repair of tissue damage in adults, the scientists concluded that CGF has the ability to stimulate the body’s healing processes.

So if you’re recuperating following an illness or injury, taking Nature Complete Chlorella Growth Factor could be just the boost you need.

• Nature Complete Chlorella Growth Factor is the UK's first pure powdered extract of chlorella pyrenoidosa product that contains a certified organic ingredient. Priced £65.56 for 500mg x 30 capsules, contains pure powdered extract of certified organic chlorella pyrenoidosa in a vegetarian capsule shell (hydroxypropyl cellulose). Suitable for vegans, it is non-GM and free from gluten and additives. Available from The Nutri Centre and selected health supplement stores, or online at

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Ruby Wax social site to “bash the stigma of depression”

A respected psychologist and physician will be offering live advice to online users of Ruby Wax’s mental health site Black Dog Tribe this week, in support of Depression Awareness Week

Dr Tim Anstiss, a medical doctor trained in cognitive behavioural therapy, interpersonal therapy, motivational interviewing and positive psychology will be working with Black Dog Tribe for an hour each day to offer users online advice and encouragement. He will be joined by a number of celebrity guests during the week, all of whom have suffered from depression and are determined to tackle the stigma associated with it. Tim himself had an episode of depression when at medical school, and knows just how painful and isolating it can be. He is a member of the tribe.

The sessions start on the Black Dog Tribe site and can be followed using the Twitter hashtag #bdt or by following @followbdt

“The aim is to help anyone who believes they may be suffering from depression or excessive stress to open up and talk to people that have already experienced it,” said Ruby Wax, a co-founder of the Black Dog Tribe site.

“The word ‘depression’ is well worn and consequently trivialised. There is still a stigma attached to it. It means that people with real problems feel less inclined to talk. So the aim of Black Dog Tribe is give these people a platform to talk, to share problems and experiences and hopefully find a route out.

“Depression Awareness Week is great for focussing people’s attention and for us it kick-starts a plan to bash the stigma of depression and boost our support platform with some excellent advice and forums for the people who need it.”

Dr Tim Anstiss added:  “We won’t be diagnosing complaints but will be listening, sharing experiences and exploring options which other people have found helpful. It’s not just about depression either. It’s about helping people experiencing stress and other issues that may lead to depression over time. There should not be any stigma associated with depression. It is part of the human condition.

" We have to help people realise that. Nor is it a sign of weakness. Unfortunately, depression is becoming more common. There is something about modern lifestyles that are making many people depressed, and it can be helpful to talk with like-minded people who have or are experiencing similar things. During the week we will be exploring positive solutions and simple steps that can help people become ‘undepressed’ and stay that way.”

• During the course of Depression Awareness Week, Black Dog Tribe is also inviting users to submit experiences and insights into depression via blogs, forum posts, poems, essays, videos and tweets – just about any form of insight that users are prepared to share with the community at BDT. Each day, the BDT team will pick an insight and that person will get a special gift and an invitation to tea with Ruby at the Ritz.

About Black Dog Tribe
Founded in 2011 by Ruby Wax and Nina Storms, Black Dog Tribe is a social place to meet people suffering from stress and mental illnesses such as depression. It’s also a place for care-givers to chat and share experiences. It consists of forums and blogs and the overarching aim is to help stop the stigma associated with depression and other mental illnesses.

About Dr Tim Anstiss M.B, M.Ed, D.Occ.Med, M.F.S.E.M
Tim is a medical doctor with a master’s degree in sports medicine and a diploma in occupational medicine. He is a member of the British Psychological Society and has a particular interest in mental health and its improvement.

After working in psychiatry Tim ran an NHS occupational health department and developed some new health services for workers. He then trained in several psychological improvement approaches including behaviour therapy, cognitive therapy, interpersonal therapy and motivational interviewing and began training NHS staff in motivational interviewing and health coaching techniques.

A Member of the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine and the British Psychological Society, Tim once pole vaulted for Great Britain and was a contender on ITV’s Gladiators. He was also one of the ‘Slough 50’ in the BBC documentary: Making Slough Happy.

Tim's personal site
The Academy for Health Coaching site
The Applied Wellbeing site

Business man promotes health and well-being in Brighton & Hove

Brighton business man Fash Ghiaci found his career taking an unexpected turn after he sold his chartered accountancy practice in 2007.

After 22 years of maximising business opportunities he turned his attention to health and well-being. His interest in this subject was inspired by his family life and resulted in the creation of The Happy Cell in 2010.

A well-being centre located in Davigdor Road, Hove, Happy Cell has the motto ‘The place where you can change your mind’.

It encourages:

• Self-belief
• Social integration
• Physical and mental well-being

Mr Ghiaci said: “After two years of running Happy Cell, many lessons have been learnt by the team; the most significant of which is that some people need to be supported to stay engaged with their well-being programme.”

With this in mind, the charity Smile2Live was registered to fund and create the supported space needed to help individuals achieve goals such as re-entering employment or recovering from domestic abuse.

The busy programme of health and social activities on offer inside Happy Cell’s walls encourages a new type of supported living and the building’s studios, relaxation room and kitchen are all cheerfully decorated and designed with well-being in mind.

Fash is relishing bringing the same dedication he applied to the business world to this project.

He said: “This is an initiative which will create huge benefits for the community and the under-privileged.”

CHARLESTONERCISE – Vintage Exercise DVD launch

With Vintage being all the rage, The Great Gatsby being remade with Leonardo DiCaprio and the Charleston featuring on Strictly Come Dancing - Manchester dance teacher Anthony Padgett has created a new fitness workout based on the 1920’s Charleston.

CHARLESTONERCISE: The Vintage Workout - Exercise in style.

And if you are wondering what is the Charleston? It’s a fun dance craze from the 1920s America. It is from the Jazz era, a time of Flappers (young, liberated women), High Society, Gangsters and Prohibition (where alcohol was illegal and was drunk in illicit bars – the Speakeasies).

So ditch the leotards, lycra and leg warmers. Here is an exercise you can do in style. Put on your favourite vintage outfits and learn some easy and fun moves which also give you a great workout.

Said Anthony “I taught Salsa for 7 years and then came across the Vintage scene in Manchester and London. There was no looking back. So I put together Charleston dance moves from old films and began to teach this in Manchester. I was amazed how much energy you use and also how much fun it was. So the idea came to me, just as Salsa has Zumba as a fitness workout so the Charleston was the ideal dance for a Vintage workout – and Charlestonercise was born.

And it’s not just exercise, its also a social occasion. People can have drinks and nibbles afterwards. It really is a party.”

Anthony Padgett (B.A., M.A., P.G.C.E.) has been teaching dance for 10 years and has danced Charleston for BBC1 and Sky TV.

DVD booklets are available on Ebay. The DVD has 4 sequences of exercises in increasing difficulty. Each sequence has 6 moves that will exercise your thighs, waist, arms and chest. There is also a final 5th sequence that will focus on your abdomen and back. Fun moves in the DVD include The Great Gatsby, The Penguin, The Hotsy Totsy, The Flapper, to name a few.

Classes currently run in Manchester the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at Matt & Phred's Jazz Club, M4 1LW (in the heart of Manchester's Vintage scene).

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Improved delivery for intellicig

The Intellicig Plan Subsriptions
Intellicig have announced the launch of a new electronic cigarette subscription service giving customers the option of receiving their ECOpure liquid nicotine refill capsules regularly, automatically and free of both delivery charges and long-term contract ties.

Intellicig Plan is the first flexible monthly subscription service by an e-cigarette company which gives end users consistent pharmaceutical grade liquid nicotine refills - produced to the highest cGMP manufacturing standards - and consistent, automatic home delivery. 

The service is controlled by the customer from within their own secure account area and tailored to their own requirements. Customers can cancel at any time from their Intellicig account or via PayPal. Every customer receives dedicated telephone customer support and free postage. In addition, customers choosing the Intellicig Plus and Premium plan options get additional Intellicig accessories every month, free of charge.

Speaking on 20th April at the launch of Intellicig Plan at the company’s own cGMP approved laboratory at the world-leading UMIC Bioscience facility, Commercial Manager Anthony Sefton said:
“Intellicig’s new subscription plan gives our valued web customers the ease of receiving their ECOpure refill capsules with guaranteed consistency. As a company committed to offering the highest level of customer service, the launch of the Intellicig Plan subscription service is the latest development in our continuous improvement process.”

For further information on Intellicig Plan, Intellicig Plus, Intellicig Premium and all options for electronic cigarette subscriptions – please visit or call Intellicig on 0845 527 6115.

Shaky way to shed the weight

It’s a favorite fitness gadget of women everywhere and Alex Curran (fashion model, style icon and wife of Steven Gerrard) hailed it the ultimate toning gadget after having her baby Lourdes.

Now the New Image Shake Weight™ that has already been shook Live on TV by Jonathan Ross, Dermot O’Leary and Holly Willoughby has returned to our screens whilst making a debut appearance on Made In Chelsea this week.

The day after Cheska and Binky from Made In Chelsea were seen using the Shake Weight™ that works to banish the dreaded Bingo Wings and tone up shoulders and chest, Google searches for the term ‘Shake Weight’ rocketed to the highest they have been all year and online sales rose by over 300%.

Andrew Malcher, Executive Chairman of High Street TV Group, exclusive distributor of the New Image Shake Weight™ says "The Shake Weight™ has always been one of our most popular fitness items, with over 6 million sold worldwide. I’m not surprised the girls from Made In Chelsea like it – it’s easy to use and really effective but most importantly as Cheska says - it’s fun!"

About the New Image Shake Weight™

The Shake Weight™ has sold over 6 million units worldwide and the new Pink Edition is set to be this season’s hottest fitness gadget. Encompassing a motion technology called “Dynamic Inertia” the Shake Weight™ creates additional resistance during each movement, dramatically increasing muscle activity, for targeted toning of triceps, biceps, shoulders and chest in half the time of a standard weights session.

The BONUS instructional DVD included ensures you quickly master all the moves for trimmed, toned arms, fast. With no need for batteries or power the lightweight Shake Weight™ can be taken anywhere. Just minutes a day can give you excellent results and you’ll feel it working instantly!

The New Image Shake Weight™ is available in white RRP £19.95 and special edition Pink RRP £29.95 from Tesco, BHS and Boots or direct from

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Pioneering New Procedure for the Treatment of Haemorrhoids

“After 8 years and a journey of 200 miles, I was finally cured of my painful haemorrhoids.”

David Woodhead, a 35-year-old Chartered Surveyor from Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, had been troubled for eight years by pain, discomfort and bleeding from the rectum during and after using the toilet. This worrying symptom got progressively worse until eventually in 2010, David plucked up the courage to go and see his GP, who referred him for several investigations, including blood tests, a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. Sometimes, bleeding from the rectum can be an indication of a serious disease such as cancer, but to David’s great relief, the investigations ruled out anything really sinister. However, he was told that he had severe haemorrhoids (piles) and was anaemic, possibly due to the bleeding they had caused for many years.

Piles are enlarged and swollen blood vessels in or around the back passage. Some of the vessels may burst and bleed. The condition is not usually very serious and often resolves within a few days. But in some people it can become chronic, causing recurrent bleeding, extreme discomfort and pain. Piles vary in size and can occur internally or externally - if they're internal they often go undetected until they bleed (the blood will usually be a shade of bright red).

If they’re external, piles can be particularly uncomfortable as they become itchy and irritate the skin. Often, people compare the sensation of external piles to ‘sitting on a spike’.

David had private medical insurance, so his GP referred him for treatment at his local private hospital in Huddersfield. But despite undergoing two types of treatment – banding and injections - for his advanced haemorrhoids, David’s condition did not improve.

He says, “Having waited so long to do something about my condition, I was very disappointed that the treatments didn’t work. I decided to do my own research, and found an article in the Daily Mail and another one on the internet about a consultant surgeon, Mr Giordano, who could perform a pioneering treatment called THD for advanced haemorrhoids that were difficult to treat.”

Mr Giordano is a Consultant General Surgeon with a private practice at Spire Roding Hospital in Essex. He says, “The conventional surgical technique for haemorrhoids involves cutting piles out from the sensitive skin of the back passage - it can be very painful, take a long time to heal and some people experience problems with bowel control afterwards.”

“But THD or Transanal Haemorrhoidal Dearterialisation is a newer technique that works by stitching up the arteries that feed the piles and stopping their blood supply” explains Mr Giordano. “First, we use a miniature ultrasound device, like a short telescope, to locate all the arteries supplying the piles. This 'telescope' has a needle inside it which pops out and inserts a stitch (or two if necessary) into the artery supplying the pile.

As soon as the blood flow is stopped, the pile will shrink and over the next few days and weeksshould return to a normal size. In this way the piles are pulled back to their natural position, reducing the risk of them growing again. THD can be successfully performed on even the most advanced cases, those that would otherwise not be suitable for any other minimally invasive treatment. David was a suitable candidate for THD because his haemorrhoids were advanced and had not responded to other treatments.”

David says, “Although Mr Giordano was based at Spire Roding Hospital in Essex, 200 miles from where I lived, I decided that I wanted to see him. I was very anxious to do something about my haemorrhoids and reading about the THD operation offered me hope.”

At the end of January 2011, David and his wife made the long journey from West Yorkshire to Spire Roding in Essex to discuss his condition with Mr Giordano. David says, “Mr Giordano examined me and took my medical history. He said he was confident that the THD procedure would stop the bleeding and cure my anemia. He explained the procedure thoroughly to me, and said what would happen before, during and after the operation.”

Just 10 days after his first consultation, David had the THD operation at Spire Roding. The procedure went smoothly – David says, “After the op, I felt a bit groggy, but had surprisingly little pain. I stayed overnight and my wife drove me home. I followed the instructions given to me by Mr Giordano and the hospital staff, to take pain killers for a couple of days.”

“I was back at work within four days of having the operation, which I thought was amazing. A few weeks later, I attended a follow-up appointment with Mr Giordano. He examined me and confirmed that everything had healed well.”

Mr Giordano says, "As David found out, the THD operation involves less pain - because the blood supply is cut off at the root of the pile and the stitches are placed in the lower rectum (above the back passage) where there are virtually no pain nerves. There are no open wounds to heal because it's all done internally.
This means that patients like David tend to recover swiftly and return to work, often within 24 to 48 hours. Research suggests that with THD patients, about 90% have a complete resolution of their symptoms.”

Nine months down the line, David says, “I feel perfect. I no longer bleed when I go to the toilet, and my anaemia has been cured. I feel confident, fitter and much more able to do physical things, including proper exercise and playing with my daughters! I take Fybrogel every day as a precaution.”

David has some wise words for people who are suffering from pain and discomfort caused by haemorrhoids….

“Don’t suffer in silence like I did…..get the problem dealt with early on. Do your research and don’t be afraid to travel, especially if you have the chance to see the best consultant who can offer the most effective treatment for you. Finally, don’t let the fear of pain put you off having surgery for haemorrhoids, because with the operation I had, I experienced very little.”

Find out more about the THD procedure if you suspect you may be suffering from Haemorrhoids at The Haemorrhoid Centre, a dedicated online resource where you can receive expert advice on anal and rectal conditions, including treatment options, available medications, suggestions for life style changes and possible surgery options.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

465 miles into our 1,000 mile Prostate Cancer ‘Love Train’ JOGLE Walk. Two still going strong. One retired with chronic foot blisters. Urgently need media support

Walking though the pain.
Walking though the pain
No snow in Aviemore
No snow in Aviemore
It's a long way from here!
Crossing the border in snow
Crossing the border in snow

It’s the punishing schedule that’s causing most of the problems. Averaging 18 miles per day with only occasional rest days, Nigel Lewis-Baker, our terminally diagnosed walking miracle and Charlie Carr are exhausted at the end of each day with little energy or time left for fundraising or twitter and awareness activities.

That’s why they desperately need help. People who can give up a couple of hours in each town collecting donations and distributing leaflets before they arrive and after they've gone – all to give men a better chance of beating prostate cancer.

They need the media to help them out too, with interviews and local press reports as they travel down through the country.

"We are doing our best to stir up interest but often journalists want a local human interest story to get involved," explained a spokesman.

"In Scotland, Alan walked on through his pain for far too long and was in serious trouble with deep blisters and a bad toe infection. His injuries will take some time to heal so for the moment he is a vital addition too the support team.

"600 miles to go and arriving in Ripon, they are entering areas where we are hoping for more support. Please help them in any way you can even if it’s just a message of support on our facebook or twitter pages.

"We’ve added donating by text. Just text UGXF50 and the amount to 70070."

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

How to cut bowel cancer deaths by 60%: Bowel Cancer UK

The Government could cut deaths from bowel cancer by 60% by 2025 if it followed the recommendations in a new report launched today by Bowel Cancer UK. Bowel Cancer UK's ambition is also for an additional 2,500 people with bowel cancer per year living for at least five years after diagnosis by 2025. The report also reveals that more than one in five patients weren’t treated with respect and dignity by doctors and nurses .

Bowel cancer is the UK’s second biggest cancer killer, and the overall five-year survival rate of those diagnosed is just over 50% 2. In its report, 2025 Challenge: Saving and Improving Lives, Bowel Cancer UK calls on the Government to examine its targets in reducing mortality, improving patient experience and increasing survival to dramatically improve outcomes in all three areas by 2025.

The report reveals that:
Deaths from bowel cancer could be cut by 60% by 2025 – from 18 in 100,000 to 7 in 100,000 – if realistic goals were followed.
Almost one in four patients do not understand doctors’ explanations about their disease, and one in five say that they are not treated with dignity and respect 3.
20% of patients say they have received conflicting information about their condition 4.
Currently, the survival rate of patients with bowel cancer is just over 50%.

Bowel Cancer UK’s ambition is to increase the proportion of people with bowel cancer diagnosed at an early stage, and improve the survival rate of people diagnosed with advanced disease. Achieving these goals would save an additional 2,500 more lives per year by 2025.

Bowel Cancer UK is calling on the Government to improve all three aspects of cancer care by:
Encouraging greater uptake of screening to ensure earlier diagnosis. Uptake is only just over 50% at the moment 5.
Improving diagnostic capacity and reducing waiting times to cope with growing demand.
Detecting and diagnosing bowel cancer at an earlier stage. Currently only 9% of patients in the UK are detected at the very earliest stage of the disease 6.
Ensuring access to and support in decision making about the best treatments for advanced cancer regardless of where they live.
Making sure patients receive the best care by ensuring that hospital, community and social care services are joined up.
Improving the quality and consistency of written information given to patients with bowel cancer – currently one in three patients receive no written information.

Deborah Alsina, CEO, Bowel Cancer UK said: “We want to dramatically improve outcomes for people affected by bowel cancer, minimising the disease’s impact and helping people lead longer, healthier and happier lives.”

“We have a duty to save more lives and the proposals outlined in this report should be the Government’s absolute minimum goal.

“We look forward to working with the government, NHS and other charities to help save more lives from the UK’s second biggest cancer killer.”

Monday, 16 April 2012

TIANA Premium Organic Crystallised Raw Coconut Nectar. A guilt-free sugar replacement for a healthy balanced diet

TIANA Organic Crystallised Raw Coconut Nectar (known as coconut sugar in the Far East) is a fabulously delicious, unrefined, unfiltered and unbleached guilt free sugar replacement that contains no additives or preservatives. Freshly granulated from the sweet nectar of coconut blossom, these natural nectar crystals have far richer nutritional content than all other commercially available sugars or sweeteners. TIANA Organic Crystallised Coconut Nectar is a light golden colour, because the sugars in the nectar did not caramelize from heat.

Nutrient rich, especially high in Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc and Iron, it is a natural source of Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and C and has over 14 important amino acids.

Premium quality and 100% pure, it is different to palm sugar and coconut palm sugars that are often mixed with cane sugar or various malt based ingredients available on the market.

TIANA is absolutely free from chemicals such as phosphoric acid, formic acid, sulphur dioxide, preservatives of any bleaching agents or viscosity modifies.

All purpose and guilt free sugar substitute
Use as a 1:1 replacement to sugar, agave or maple syrups and sweeteners.

Use in tea, coffee, cocoa, cocktails, milkshakes and smoothies.

Ideal on cereals, porridge, yoghurt, pancakes or sprinkled over fruit.

It has a very low melting temperature with an extremely high burn temperature, making it perfect for confectionery and various baked foods. And… It tastes sensational by spoon!

No sulphates, No chemicals, No colourings, No preservatives, No stabilisers, No flavourings, No GM ingredients, No cholesterol, No cane sugar, No palm sugar, No soya, No grain, No gluten, No dairy, No yeast. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Enjoy the truly heavenly taste of the sweet nectar from coconut blossom,with TIANA crunchy golden crystals that you will love.

(EDITOR: As a recently diagnosed diabetic, I was pleased to find (with the help of BBC radio presenter and author Janey Lee Grace) out about this product which tastes just as good as it is claimed.)

That's Gardening: Spades to the ready - it’s National Gardening Week...

That's Gardening: Spades to the ready - it’s National Gardening Week...: It’s National Gardening Week this week and the McTimoney Chiropractic Association offers ...

Strategic Lions Cyclists, Runners, Golfers & Footballers Take Part In Extreme Challenge All For Charity

Four teams of high octane, sports enthusiasts and property professionals from construction firm, Strategic Team Group, will be racing for the finish line as they take part in the first Strategic Lions Sports Challenge on Friday 11th, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th May 2012. The four teams of cyclists, runners, golfers and footballers, aptly named Strategic Lions, will collectively be covering 2,000 miles as they race the length and breadth of the UK on foot and bikes, play 90 holes of golf and two back to back football matches all to raise funds for Help for Heroes and Ectodermal Dysplasia Society.

The team of eight cyclists, includes Strategic Team Group’s managing director, Andy Watson and contracts manager, Stewart Loben, Damian Bourke, owner of the Orthodontist Centre plus experienced Yorkshire based road racing cyclists, 11 times Best British All Round champion Kevin Dawson, double Olympian John Tanner, top UK time trialist and CX racer Keith Murray, TT racer Chris Last and UK domestic racer, Collin Humphrey.

The riders will pedal over 1,075 miles non-stop, from Lands End to John O’Groats, through some of the country’s most challenging, dramatic and iconic scenery in the legendary ‘end to end’ race in a bid to break 36 hours. Climbing some 20,000 metres and passing through Cheddar, Somerset; Clifford, Herefordshire; Wrexham; Kendal, Cumbria; Dumfries; West Kilbride, North Ayrshire and finally John O’Groats, the riders have the extra pressure of completing the distance in less time than it takes the runners to stride out from west to east coast.

Whilst the cyclists are pedalling south to north, the runners will be pounding the streets from west to east coast covering some 238 miles with the aim of finishing in under 36 hours, and hopefully beating the cyclists! Starting in Conway in North Wales and finishing at Flamborough Head, the team of eight runners who will each run 30 miles in total. The team, which includes Strategic Team Group’s business development director Charles Tweed, finance director Ian Bowness, customer care manager and team captain Phil Lee, company accountant Sam Pitchforth, site manager Paul Cocker, quantity surveyor Dean Myers, joiner Steve Tilford and Scotts UK sales manager Rhys Henderson, will follow B roads and country lanes from coast to coast.

Avid golfers, headed by Strategic Team Group’s operations director, Gary Taylor and including contracts manager Craig Bagshaw, estimator Phil Hoskin and quantity surveyor Grant Norman will be teeing off at five different golf courses in three different countries. Playing a staggering 90 holes each and travelling over 600 miles between courses, which include Vale of Llangollen Golf Club in Wales, Brampton Golf Club in Cumbria, Roxburghe Golf Club in Scotland, Slaley Hall in Northumberland and finishing at Rockliffe Hall in County Durham.

Meanwhile on Saturday 12th May, the footballers will play two back to back matches against a Select XI of Ossett Town Football Club and Dads of the Lads Team at Ingfield Stadium in Ossett. This event will be a full family day out which will also include the juniors from Ossett Town FC playing in between matches.

The team of 15 includes Strategic Team Group’s site manager, Andy Squires whose three year old son Bailey suffers from Ectodermal Dysplasia, estimating manager Leigh Edmondson, trainee estimator Tom Nicholson, contracts manager and Ossett Town Under 10s manager Lee Broadbent, regional operations manager Richard Marshall, surveyor James Holroyd, quantity surveyors John McNeil, Scott Campbell and Matt Bentley, estimator Daryl Henderson, site managers Lee Wright, Matt Hancock, Matt Wood and James Higgs plus apprentice joiner Sam Day.

All teams will have their own dedicated support crew, headed by crew chief and key account manager, Paul Danisz, who will drive ahead of the cyclists and runners, navigate the various routes, provide all the sustenance to fuel the athletes, plus a team of sports masseurs and physiotherapists, headed by sports physiotherapist Ian Morgan, will be on hand to relieve aching muscles throughout the duration of the 36 hours challenge.

The 36 Yorkshire athletes and their respective support crews are all pushing themselves to the limit to raise funds for two charities, which are close to their hearts. The first being Help for Heroes, the charity formed to help those who have become wounded, injured or sick in the current conflicts, which has committed to fund and lead the delivery of five regional Personnel Recovery Centres across the UK, including one at Catterick in North Yorkshire. Secondly, Ectodermal Dysplasia Society, which has played a huge role in helping and supporting Strategic Team Group site manager, Andy Squires and his family, as their young son, Bailey aged three, was diagnosed with the genetic disorder when he was just 14 months old.

Commenting on the mammoth challenge, Strategic Team Group’s managing director, Andy Watson said:
“It's not often that the chance to mix adrenaline-junkie style sports, work and raising funds for charity comes along, but our team of dedicated athletes and some who were not so athletic, immediately volunteered when we initially muted the idea of a weekend of extreme challenges. I’m so proud of all who are taking part, not just the athletes themselves but all the support crew, who have given up nights and weekends to train for this event.

“Our aim is to raise as much cash as possible to boost our chosen charity’s coffers, with the added benefit of aiming to be the fittest and healthiest property solutions firm in the UK. Hopefully we’re well on our way to achieving both goals!”

For further information on Strategic Team Group visit

To make a donation visit

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Helping Your Man Help Himself - New research and resources for Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Week

New research highlights overwhelming psychological impact of testicular cancer and need for specialist support.

Following new research released by Orchid, the male cancer charity, for Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Week (23-29 April 2012), highlighting the overwhelming psychological and emotional impact of testicular cancer, Orchid now offer further specialist support resources making it easier for men to take the first step to help themselves, seek quicker diagnosis and maximise the chance of successful treatment.

New research reveals that over two thirds of men (63%) are left so anxious and depressed following their testicular cancer diagnosis that they found it hard to socialise. Furthermore, 86% of men said their confidence and performance at work suffered as a result of their diagnosis and nearly 70% were worried about how their diagnosis would affect their relationship and sex life.

However, in spite of the overwhelming impact of this post-diagnosis anxiety and fear, nearly 40% of men delayed discussing how they were feeling with their partner and over a third (35%) waited at least a few weeks before going to see their GP, once they’d found a lump. This lack of communication and inability to seek help is potentially putting mens’ lives at risk.

In light of this new research, Orchid is launching a new testicular cancer booklet with support and input from patients and consultants to mark this years’ Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Week (23-29 April 2012). Written by a male cancer nurse specialist, the booklet provides men with comprehensive advice on testicular cancer and aims to increase awareness of testicular health in general as well as providing support for men who have been diagnosed and are being treated for testicular cancer.

Orchid also now offers a confidential listening and support service staffed by specialist nurses providing advice as well as psychological and emotional support to help sufferers take the first vital step towards seeking treatment as well as providing ongoing support throughout their cancer experience. Research has shown that an overwhelming 81% of sufferers would welcome such specialist support.

Every year over 37,400 men will be diagnosed with a male specific cancer. Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in younger men aged between 15 and 45, and the rate is increasing. The most likely way this cancer can initially be identified is by finding a lump or change in the testicle. In over 25% of cases, the cancer has already spread by the time of diagnosis but, if caught at an early stage, the probability of a successful cure is more than 98% .

Rebecca Porta, Chief Executive of Orchid comments: “Male cancer awareness is a significant problem in the UK today and it can still be a challenge to get men to take their health seriously. As this research shows, we all have a role to play in working together to fight male cancer whether it’s to encourage self-checks or to seek medical advice and information. We’re calling on all friends and team mates as well as close family and partners to be proactive in encouraging the man in their lives – their husband, father, son, brother – to be more male cancer aware.”

If you would like more information about Orchid and details about how you can fight male cancer or raise funds for research into male specific cancers, visit for more details.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

cGMP Quality Award: Industry First for Intellicig

Intellicig electronic cigarettes
cGMP Quality Award: Industry First for Intellicig

The award of a Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Compliance by the UK Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to CN Creative, is also great news for customers and business partners of Intellicig – the leading UK producer and supplier of high quality electronic cigarettes and nicotine preparations.

The cGMP award puts Intellicig’s manufacturing quality standards on an equal footing with those for pharmaceutical and NRT products – a first for an electronic cigarette.

This latest cGMP award is formal recognition that the organisation has a Quality Management System conforming fully to objectives and principles of EU Good Manufacturing Practice.

Customers for Intellicig Electronic Cigarettes can now be sure that the ECOpure Liquid Nicotine they use has not only been created in an ISO Class 8 Clean Room from pharmacopeia sourced ingredients, but has also been created in the UK to exacting cGMP quality management standards – well in advance of the minimum level of quality required by UK Trading Standards.

Intellicig’s UK Business Partners – a distribution channel of some 5000 pharmacies and retail outlets – can also benefit from the added reassurance that the award from the MHRA brings. This is further evidence to the marketplace that Intellicig products are manufactured in the UK to the very highest standards of quality control. Formal MHRA recognition of cGMP compliance is a great ‘u.s.p.’ for Intellicig’s Business Partners–particularly the pharmacies – giving retailers real confidence in the products they are stocking.

Announcing the award at Intellicig’s R&D Facility within the Bioscience Incubator at Manchester University, Company Director David Newns said: “I’m delighted with the award. A large amount of resource in both time and money has been committed to achieve this, including employing a world-class in-house quality control department led by such a respected industry figure as Laboratory & Regulatory Manager David Lawson. It’s been a very worthwhile investment which is already delivering real benefits for Intellicig’s customers and business partners.”

Reducing the harm caused by smoking: delivering the benefits of consistent quality David Newns went on to say that: “We are already the foremost producer and supplier of high quality electronic cigarettes and nicotine preparations which provide a genuine, healthier alternative to smoking, but without the tar and many thousands of other harmful ingredients found in tobacco products.

"We now deliver a consistent, cost-effective product fully compliant with EU Good Manufacturing Practice. In a market of questionable quality, with many products coming in from outside the EU which barely meet minimum UK Trading Standards requirements, we are proud to be producing the first e-cig manufactured to the same exacting standard as a pharmaceutical product. Once again, Intellicig is setting the standard for the industry.”

Intellicig delivers pharmaceutical-grade nicotine using advanced electronic vaporisation technology, significantly reducing the exposure of smokers to harmful tobacco smoke.

Intellicig is a global smoking alternative now sold in 24 countries and across a number of distribution channels including 8,000 pharmacies and retail stores.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

H2Open Day attracts big names in open water swimming

H2Open DayThe top names in open water swimming are lined up to take part in H2Open Day on 28 April at the Reading Lake Hotel – a unique day of open water swimming activities and the first event of its kind.

Powerbreathe is the latest high profile company to confirm participation and are offering all visitors a chance to win a Powerbreathe K2 inspiratory muscle trainer worth £274.99 by reserving their place before 15 April. Powerbreathe joins retailers Mailsports and My Sporting Times, stockists of major brands 2XU, BlueSeventy and Orca; swim holiday specialists SwimTrek, Big Blue, and Strel Swimming Adventures; and organisations BLDSA, NOWCA and the Outdoor Swimming Society as those open water swim specialists already signed up.

Top coaches including Dan Bullock and Rick Kiddle and will be leading coached open water sessions and demonstration swims whilst high profile speakers including Fiona Ford and Steve Casson, both now Swim Smooth certified coaches, Nick Adams, President of the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation, Colin Hill, Marathon Swimming Technical Manager for the 2012 Olympic Games, Mark Bayliss, ultra-endurance athlete and Joel Enoch, sports scientist and H2Open nutrition editor will be delivering a programme of talks on a broad range of open water swimming related topics.

With equipment and services displays, kit testing, hiring and buying, swimming, demonstrations coaching, seminars, a season-opener 750m no-pressure timed practice swim and concluding with the inaugural H2Open Awards presentation ceremony, H2Open Day offers a ‘taste’ to those who are new to swimming in open water and an opportunity for the more experienced swimmer or triathlete to have an early season swim, to learn from the experts and to see what products and services are new to the market.

For more information, to participate in the H2Open Day, to sponsor or exhibit, visit or contact Simon Griffiths on or phone 07958 312607

Visit our Facebook page at

Launched in February 2011 by independent publisher ZG Publishing Ltd, H2Open is the world’s first dedicated open water swimming magazine. Designed to appeal to all lovers of open water from freedom loving wild swimmers to competitive masters and English Channel aspirants the magazine offers a mixture of inspirational features, training advice, gear reviews and nutritional tips.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

How Jenny Craig “eggs on” dieters over Easter

Nobody should have to completely ban themselves from Easter eggs and Hot Cross Buns, just because they are trying to get in shape.
JENNY CRAIG dietitian Jacqui Morrell says: “To keep morale high and so dieters don’t feel deprived, we suggest that dieters can treat themselves from time to time. The trick is not to overdose on treats and to keep in mind that there is more to Easter than chocolate.” The weight loss experts have put together the following Easter Survival Manifesto to help people with their diet plans during Easter.

1. Easter is the end of Lent, so don’t start indulging before Easter Day.
2. Egg yourself on to reach a specific goal that you would like to achieve before Easter. Aim for a weight loss of 1 to 2lbs per week.
3. One Hot Cross Bun is the equivalent of two slices of bread and contains a lot less fat than a croissant.
4. Authentic Easter eggs are decorated boiled eggs. This chocolate free variety is wonderful at the breakfast table. For inspiration, look up how the Orthodox Greeks dye their eggs red with onion skins.
5. Outdoor egg hunts are a fun way to burn a couple of extra calories.
6. The key to effective portion control is: quality over quantity.
7. Bonnets, bunnies, chicken! Have some fun and get active by making some Easter decorations with your kids.
8. Think about the whole experience when you eat your Easter treat. Take time to unwrap it and enjoy it!
9. Share your treats, so there is less for you!
10. To avoid temptation, give away your leftover treats after Easter Monday.

One of the leading weight management programmes in the US, JENNY CRAIG’s unique Mind-Food-Body approach combines delicious home delivered food with weekly one-to-one consultations. JENNY CRAIG has had more than 5 million clients over the past 10 years in US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and launched in the UK in April 2010.

JENNY CRAIG costs from £11 per week. For more information contact 0800 088 2034 or visit

That's Books: The Top Five Regrets of the Dying - The book that ...

That's Books: The Top Five Regrets of the Dying - The book that ...: The Top Five Regrets of the Dying : A Life Transformed by the Dearly Departing, Hay House , £10.99 by Bronnie Ware After too many years o...

Monday, 2 April 2012

McTimoney Chiropractic Association launches new patient videos

The McTimoney Chiropractic Association
The McTimoney Chiropractic Association
The McTimoney Chiropractic Association is proud to announce the launch of a new set of patient-focused videos.

The videos are designed to actively engage patients by giving them information about the McTimoney Chiropractic technique.

The set of videos brings to life patient experiences, thereby offering explanation and clarification of the use of the McTimoney Chiropractic technique. Each video covers a different topic area including an overview, McTimoney chiropractic for Animals, Sports Chiropractic and chiropractic for Families.

The introductory video, which is now available to view on the website, explains what to expect at your first visit and in on-going sessions as well as the value of chiropractic care for all the family, from babies to older people. As well all the explanatory videos, patients describe the benefits of the treatment to their specific needs. As the technique has also been proven to be very effective for animals, some shots and descriptions include both competition animals and family pets.

The second short film details the use of the McTimoney chiropractic method for sports people of all levels, whether already in training, pre-training or recovering from injury. If the patient is interested in either recreational sports or full training as a professional athlete, McTimoney chiropractic can provide immense benefits.

The third video outlines the use of the chiropractic technique for sporting animals and pets, with the owners describing in their own words the benefits and changes to their animals following treatment. For the sports animal, owners explain how their animal becomes more supple and balanced, and is therefore able to perform better and for longer, with resulting higher marks. For pets, the owners concentrate on keeping their animals healthy and happy and this focus is clearly explained.

The final video describes the work of the McTimoney Chiropractor in helping children, babies and pregnant mothers. We hear from parents, young people and pregnant mothers about the benefits they have seen or felt after receiving treatment.

The website will be updated with the remaining videos in the series over the next few weeks.