Saturday, 31 January 2015

Real breakthrough in the battle against joint pain

There has been a genuine breakthrough in the long battle against joint pain.

Studies have shown that Litozin+ can lessen joint pain by 29%. And that's great news for the millions of people who suffer from joint pain.

Painful joints can seriously impinge on the sufferers' quality of life. They can curtain or even completely stop some forms of physical activity, sleep patterns can be disturbed and depression can be a byproduct.

However, the latest research indicates that help is at hand for those people who are suffering from joint pain.

Clinical research indicates the new Litozin+ with Rosenoids is proven to dramatically cut the grinding, relentless pain that afflict the joints of sufferers.

The clinical trial involved 150 people who average 65 years of age. All of whom were experiencing mobility issues and had done so for several years. This as a result of joint pains.

The findings of the trial were remarkable and were published in the Journal of Clinical Rheumatology.

People who took three capsules a day of Litozin+ reported a reduction in joint pain/joint discomfort of (on average) 29%.

The results are very promising and likely to be of great benefit to those who suffer from joint pains.

They are available from Holland and Barrett and Amazon.

As well as the capsules the product is also available as as powder which needs to be mixed with water or added to food. As mixing with water can take a considerable time the That's Health Tester points out that adding the powder to food might be the easiest option.

From Holland and Barrett 90 Capsules costs £19.99, the one a day powder sachets costs 30 x 3.6g  £29.99.

The That's Health tester -who suffers from considerable joint pain- will be reporting back to readers of That's Health as to her progress with our trial.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Slim Sip can help you lower cholesterol and control blood sugar

Although it is not sold as a magic cure, Slim-Sip can certainly help you in the fight to control cholesterol and keep a lid on blood sugar levels.

It's a new food supplement that contains a very useful 'super-fibre.'

What might it do for you? Clinical trials have shown that Slim Sip is proven to help you lower your cholesterol levels and keep a lid on blood sugar levels whilst also helping people gain control of their weight.

How does it do this? It contains Glucomannan, which is a particular type of water-soluble fibre which, when subject to water, forms a very high viscosity gel.

This will help you by slowing down the rate of absorption of sugar and cholesterol from your stomach and your intestines. Thus it is known for helping to control blood sugar levels, trapping and helping eliminate fats and oils and reducing cholesterol levels.

It is reported that the above ingredient is the only ingredient supported by the EFSA for claims on weight and cholesterol management.

It's a perfectly natural substance which is derived from the root tubers of the Konjac Potato.

The substance absorbs water and swells up by an astonishing 200 times its original size.

Not only does it help regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels it also has a tendency to reduce the appetite, too, which can help to reduce food intake.

It's got a delicious and sparkling orange flavour and if consumed on a regular basis, it can help you keep a lid on cholesterol, blood sugar and fat absorption.

In order for it to work effectively, you must follow the instructions on the pack..

It is available from branches of Boots and a box of 30 sachets will cost £19.99.

It's also available from New Image Health at