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What is Ketoslim?

Ketoslim is an incredibly intelligent diet aid that is specifically aimed at those of us who need to adopt a low-carbohydrate and low-glycemic diet regimen.

Some of us are looking to lose weight, there others who need to keep our blood sugar under control and there are still others who are concerned about our overall health so have decided to adopt a low-carbohydrate and low-glycemic diet.

A useful method of helping one to stick with a low-carbohydrate low-glycemic diet is the innovative KETOslim range of products.

As well as some delicious shakes they also produce some equally delicious meal replacement bars, too, which certainly helps you to maintain your low-glycemic and low-carbohydrate diet, but without the risk of missing out certain key nutrients, vitamins or minerals,

Of course, in theory one should be able to run a low-carbohydrate and low-glycemic diet regimen without the assistance of the dedicated nutritionists who worked tirelessly for years to design the KETOslim range of products.

But, in all honesty, why take the risk? Why take the risk of making yourself feel ill because you (a non-nutritionist, after all?) accidentally omitted some vital elements from your diet? Vital elements that are placed in the KETOslim product range to stop this sort of problem from occurring?

KETOslim is produced by Nature’s Plus, a leading Californian health supplement provider. To learn more please visit


LighterLife is a unique method of dieting. They refer to it as 5:2 dieting. This means that you fast for two days and eat normally for the rest of the week.

Fasting? Isn't that what saintly people do to be nearer to their god/s, by declining to eat food?

Whilst that's not wrong, it's not how the concept of the fast is understood at LighterLife.

The LighterLife two day fasts means that instead of earing "ordinary" foods for those two days.

What do these consist of? A variety of meals. There are tasty toffee flavour bars that are high in protein and also high in fibre (and which do have a delicious toffee flavour, in case you are wondering!) and there are some tempting spaghetti bolognese meals.

You have to eat all four bars or all four meals throughout the day and each box will be the equivalent of one day's fasting.

The bolognese flavour meals are also high in protein and fibre.

They are all packed with the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients,  both containing 100% of the RDAs.

The LighterLife range is exclusive to the highly popular Superdrug chain.

The range also consists of  Fast Americana Chicken flavour FastPot, 2 LighterLife Fast Cantonese Black Beans flavour FastPot and a range of other tasty meals, shakes, bars, etc.

However, they do point out that the product is unsuitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women or people who have diabetes that is controlled by medication.

PhD woman, meal replacement with busy women in mind

PhD woman bills itself as a "unique range of nutritional products designed to support the needs of the active woman."

So, that would be you, then? You are an active woman who wants to balance your hectic lifestyle with actually attempting to eat a good, healthy and well-balanced diet.

PhD woman have a tasty Meal Replacement bar which is intended as a great alternative to their Meal Replacement shake.

And whilst their shakes are tasty, sometimes you might fancy an alternative, or there just might be a time when you really do not have the time or the facilities to prepare and enjoy a shake.

For example when you are late and hurrying for the bus, when you are on a train journey or at a work site that doesn't have the space for you to set about making a shake.

And as they say, variety is the spice of life and it does one good to ring the changes every-so-often, replacing a delicious shake with an equally delicious meal bar, just because you can, is not a bad idea.

Highly trained and fully qualified nutritionists work for PhD woman and they have used all of their training and experiences to work together to create meal replacements that are specially designed for the needs of today's modern woman.

It contains Vitamin C, important for maintaining a healthy immune system, iron, ideal for helping to reduce fatigue and tiredness, protein, which is necessary to help your body maintain muscle tone, Biotin for looking after the condition of your hair and skin and Vitamin B6, required for women to assist in the regulation of hormone system activity.

The recommendation is that you should eat one or two meal bars a day (for example, breakfast and lunch) and then have an ordinary but well-balanced meal in the evening.

PhD woman acknowledges that you must remain properly hydrated so recommends that you consume an adequate amount of liquids during the day.

There are two flavours available, Caramel Crunch or Chocolate Peanut.

You can learn more at

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Diet meals. What are available?

Experts, well, some self-styled experts, it has to be admitted, pontificate long and hard on how easy it is to lose weight.

One person I know said: "There's no need for people to be fat! All they need do is to consume less calories than they expend in a day and they will lose weight! It's easy!"

Well, no. It isn't that easy. Interestingly the person who made that statement is very slender, yet during the day she will eat two Cornish pasties, two sausage rolls, several packets of crisps, some nuts, a noodle pot and a bewildering range of confectionery, including several chocolate bars and a bag or three of hard sweets.

Everyone who works with her is fascinated -and perhaps a little envious- of her ability to consume so many calories and yet not put any weight on. She is in her mid-30s and has given birth to two children and is, to be fair, known for her consumption of alcohol.

For the rest of us, those of us who have slower metabolisms, who would put weight on just by looking at what my acquaintance eats during the day, it seems that it is a good deal harder than just expending more calories than we consume.

Yes, exercise is a key part of losing weight or, at the very least, keeping our weight stable (the suggested 10,000 steps a day is a good starting point) and we need to ensure that we have a well-balanced diet but sometimes we do need the help of expert nutritionists and dieticians.

But! Just ask for an appointment locally with a nutritionist or a dietician and you may, unfortunately, discover that such appointments are either rare or non-existent in your area.

When I was much younger I severely injured my knee in a motorbike accident. As a result of this I found walking difficult so, inevitably, I began to put on some weight.

I visited my doctor, who referred me to the elderly and somewhat customer-surly practice nurse who merely handed me a "diet" sheet that advised me to consume a certain breakfast cereal as the so-called diet sheet was a barely disguised advert for a well-known breakfast cereal. Which I found to be of absolutely no help whatsoever.

And speaking to health care professionals locally, the situation is no better, even though there is, or so we are told, a greater understanding of the part an understanding of the importance of the science of nutrition is in modern life. It's a pity, but this increased understanding has, in many areas, failed to result in actual positive steps to help people with their diet, even though there are government programmes that are supposed to help you and your family to be more healthy.

However, we can tap into the expert help of nutritionists who can help us look after our calorific intake and the amount of minerals and vitamins that we consume.

They can do this for us as they work for companies who produce diet systems which consist of diet meals, diet shakes and diet meal. bars.

Over the next while That's Health and sister publication That's Food and Drink will be publishing a series of articles featuring a range of diet systems specifically designed to help you taker control of your life and what you consume.