Sunday, 24 August 2014

Too much sugar, even in health products

My wife and I bought some "Pure Nature Beauty Sweeties", which are produced in Germany.

The packet proudly proclaims that they are a "Finest Fruit Confection with 81% Fruit content" and in bold, large print it states that they contain "Coenzyme Q10, Aloe Vera and Biotin."

But the reality is that these "Beauty Sweeties" contain only aloe vera gel (0.01%), coenzyme Q10 (0.01%), not an amount that could, one might suggest, make any real difference to the people who take them in the mistaken belief that they can actually have a positive impact on their complexion.

However when one studies the contents a little closer one will notice that each 100 grammes bag of the "Beauty Sweeties" contains a staggering amount of sugar. 76 grammes, in fact.

Now, yes the sugars are a combination of sucrose and "natural" fruit sugars. But it should be noted that the body sees all sugars (no matter what their source) as being sugars, so there is no difference between sucrose and fruit sugar as far as the body is concerned.

In the opinion of the author of this article (who has diabetes Type 2 and has a qualification in Diabetes management)  diabetics should avoid products with such high sugar contents and they should be given to children rarely, if at all.

Friday, 8 August 2014

All we want are low sugar products. What is the problem?

All my wife and I want are low sugar products. What is the problem with that?

We can get sugar free products, the problem is their sweetness is provided by artificial sweeteners.

Sadly we haven't found one yet that is suitable for myself (Type 2 Diabetic, advised to avoid fructose) or my wife who suffers from an allergic reaction to all the artificial sweeteners that are readily available in the local shop.

Also, artificial sweeteners can cause diarrhoea, which, to be honest, we'd rather not inflict on ourselves!

So, we will continue with the search and will regularly report back here at That's Health.