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That's Books: Book launched for World Mental Health Day

That's Books: Book launched for World Mental Health Day: World Mental Health Day sees the launch of 'In Case of Spiritual Emergency' with an international webinar . Catherine Zeta-Jones has bee...

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That's Parenting: Little Terra can help you protect your children's ...

That's Parenting: Little Terra can help you protect your children's ...: The low setting autumn sun can cause discomfort for eyes and while a good deal of emphasis is placed on protecting children’s tender skin ...

Intellicig USA to star at NACS

Intellicig USA

Intellicig, a world famous pioneer of Smoking Harm Reduction technologies, will be starring at the NACS 2011 Exposition. Executives from the UK company will fly out this weekend to join the Intellicig USA team at McCormick Place, Chicago, for the retail industry's big event.

The Intellicig Electronic Cigarette took the world by storm three years ago and was closely followed by Intellicig ECOpure, the liquid used in the device. Intellicig developed ECOpure nicotine and non-nicotine liquid preparations to be the purest available and they are now manufactured to cGMP standard in an ISO Class8 Clean Room facility at their laboratories within UMIC (University of Manchester Incubator Company), the world-class Bioscience Facility in the heart of Manchester’s health corridor.

Being able to guarantee laboratory standards and providing Certificates of Analysis for every batch of liquid produced have been major factors in Intellicig becoming a premier worldwide distributor and innovator.
End users have the assurances they deserve that the product is tested to the highest standard.Over 8,000 pharmacy and retail stores carry the Intellicig range and the vast majority chose Intellicig because of its impeccable pedigree.

Intellicig USA offers the same guarantees to its growing number of Trade Partners and will have the range of Intellicig and ECOpure products at the Exposition on Booth 1456. Ten staff from the USA and UK offices, including the Director who developed ECOpure in 2008 and the Biochemist who is now steering the product toward achieving a Medical License in the UK, will be available to discuss products and retail opportunities.
Intellicig is on track to become the global brand and ECOpure is already established worldwide as the liquid of choice for end users and other companies in the industry who might not be able to commit to the kind of investment in developing,manufacturing, and HPLC testing that Intellicig has made.

Around 435,000 US citizens die each year from smoking-related causes. Intellicig can offer them a socially acceptable alternative that is far less harmful. Intellicig is the clean future for smokers who enjoy the sensation but not the stigma.

Intellicig USA can tailor individual packages for retailers or chain stores, just give us a call.

Please contact their USA office Toll Free on: 855-281-3444

Email enquiries to:

Postal enquiries to:

Intellicig USA
1590 N Roberts Rd
Suite 201
GA 30144

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Bupa International launches new health insurance video

Bupa International has announced the launch of a new video detailing its international private medical insurance (IPMI) product.

Bupa International, a global health insurance provider which gives its members access to over 7,500 medical facilities around the world, has released the video to show how customers can use its flexible Worldwide Health Options insurance to create a healthcare plan that suits their unique situation and needs. Rather than produce a text-heavy brochure, the company decided to launch a video giving an overview of what the product can offer.

The video gives examples of people who have moved abroad following retirement, individuals who travel around the world for work and families who have relocated to another country. By using characters based on real-life stories, the video conveys the flexibility that the product offers and shows customers how they can tailor their international health insurance to fit their own unique situation.

Customers who purchase Bupa's IPMI can choose as many Worldwide Health Options to add to their cover as they wish, or they can simply stick with the core cover. Options include cover for doctor consultations, medicines, screenings, evacuation and treatment in the United States. Additionally, customers can also apply for cover for pre-existing conditions.

Bupa Worldwide Health Options allows customers to combine modules to create the best solution for each individual or family.

Come Dancing break at Ragdale Hall

strictly come dancercise
It’s back on the TV and we are all getting dance fever again, so why not try the moves yourself and shape up at the same time?

On the back of the national ‘Strictly’ fever created by the BBC's incredibly successful series, we have designed a unique event that gives you the chance to try out a wide range of dance classes whilst also enjoying the pampering pleasure that is the Ragdale Hall experience. Learn some fun new moves, lose a few pounds and be pampered to within an inch of your life.................why would you not join their Chorus Line!?

Their activity timetable already includes a number of very popular dance workouts, like BRAVO BROADWAY, HOT SALSA FIT, DISCO GROOVE and POM POM but this is your chance to be amongst a small select group to try your hand at BALLROOM BLITZ - using steps from all the dances featured on Strictly, FAME - inspired by the award winning film, TV series and West End show, THRILLER - featuring moves from the groundbreaking Michael Jackson video and CHAIR DANCE - the sassy workout that would make even a burlesque dancer blush! The event will also see the launch of ZUMBA, the dance party workout that is currently taking the whole world by storm.

Your exclusive package will also include mini-workshops in PILATES - originally created to help dancers to stay in shape, BALLET STRETCH - giving you the knowledge to help you to develop a supple body, LET THE MUSIC PLAY - highlighting how music affects your mood and your body with tips to help you to get the most benefit for both and READ MY HIPS - a lyrical choreography session that will allow you to stimulate and explore your own creativity. There will even be a chance to have a go at Tap and Belly Dancing, although we suspect your facial muscles may be the most taxed in this last option, as it tends to be a laugh-a-minute experience.

There will also be plenty of time for relaxation and pampering, Ragdale style! Take time to enjoy Ragdale Hall's unique Thermal Spa, pools, relaxation areas and other classes and activities. Strictly Come Dancercise guests will join a small select group lead by Chris Chambers, (Fitness Manager) and our team of experienced instructors.

Remember, you don't have to be a dancer to join us on this event, it's all about simply having a go at something new and putting the fun back into fitness. Dancing your way to a new, slimmer you will not only put a little sweat on your brow but will also certainly put a big smile on your face.

Reviews from a Strictly Break earlier this year:

“The whole experience was fantastic”

“Excellent break”

“Bonds really built up between the group over the four days…..I thoroughly enjoyed shaking my hips and shimmying to the music (in the Belly Dancing class) wearing one of the special belts with coins all over it. No matter what level of dancing ability you have, you don’t feel out of place at any of the classes. We headed home re-energised and amazed at just how much exercise we’d managed to squeeze in as well as enjoying some great girlie time.”

For further details visit

ExtraCare signs £1.4 million managed service contract with Advanced 365

The ExtraCare Charitable Trust, a leading provider of housing and flexible home care services for older people, has signed a five year managed service contract worth £1.4 million with Advanced 365, an Advanced Computer Software Group company.

ExtraCare is also purchasing a financial management system from Advanced’s Business Solutions division. This complements ExtraCare’s existing integrated software solution designed for care organisations, CareSys, provided by Advanced’s Health & Care division.

The managed service contract will see Advanced 365 design, deploy and operate ExtraCare’s core IT infrastructure to support the charity’s ambitious growth plans. Advanced 365’s managed services will operate on a private cloud platform and will initially be made available to 450 ExtraCare employees situated across 30 sites.

ExtraCare’s current IT function is provided remotely by another provider and following a recent restructuring within the organisation and the pending relocation of its head office, ExtraCare identified the need for a flexible and scalable IT service to support its rapid expansion plans over the next five years.

Rowland Sandys, Head of IT at The ExtraCare Charitable Trust, explains, “Our current IT services and network are restrictive and no longer aligned to the organisation’s current demands. After reviewing the market, it was apparent that Advanced 365 could provide us with a single, flexible and scalable IT infrastructure to support our future growth strategy whilst providing enhanced service and security levels.”

Sandys continues, “In addition to being a specialist outsourced IT provider, Advanced 365 also clearly understands our business needs as a care provider and has a strong presence within the not-for-profit sector. In partnership with Advanced 365, we look forward to evolving our IT platform in response to the changing needs of our business.”

The managed service will be delivered via a hybrid cloud model using a combination of public and private cloud services. The services being provided by Advanced 365 include service desk support, managed Citrix desktop, managed Microsoft Exchange 2010 email through Microsoft Office 365, systems monitoring, storage and backup. Under the terms of the contract, Advanced 365 is required to ensure 99.50% service availability and timely incident management within core business hours.

All of ExtraCare’s business software applications, including ExtraCare’s new financial management system provided by Advanced Business Solutions and existing Advanced business application, CareSys, will be managed by Advanced 365. This forms part of Advanced Computer Software Group’s Software as a Service offering, Advanced On-Demand.

Sandys comments, “Transferring our existing IT services over to Advanced 365 will provide greater value for money and remove reliance on ExtraCare’s head office where our server infrastructure currently resides. With Advanced 365 now managing our IT, we will be able to concentrate on improving the user experience for employees and residents.”

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Medical tourism is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the NHS, but figures show that private health insurance may be a cheaper and safer option for UK patients

2.65 million Britons have recently been or are planning to go abroad for medical treatment. The most common elective surgery procedures for such patients include hip replacements, knee replacements and cataract removal.

Most medical tourists go abroad to avoid paying for treatment not available on the NHS. However, if they previously had private medical cover they could have had these procedures done at no extra cost in the UK.

Without medical insurance, paying for a hip replacement privately in the UK can cost as much as £10,000.

Abroad, the procedure itself will cost patients upwards of £3,000. However, the costs of having surgery abroad can add thousands onto this price should any complications arise.

The possible complications of any operation include an unexpected reaction to the anaesthetic, excessive bleeding or developing deep vein thrombosis, chances of which are greatly increased by long-haul flights.

Specific complications of hip replacement can include infection, joint dislocation, hip fracture, unstable joints and nerve damage.

Last year, five patients died in NHS hospitals from NDM-1, a new superbug which is thought to have been imported by British health tourists who had surgery in India and in Pakistan.

In addition, on return to the UK, the NHS would not treat minor problems or long term problems related to the surgery.

An alternative option to medical tourism is to compare health insurance quotes. The average health insurance premium for a 30 year old is around £30 a month, a total of  only £360 a year.

An average health insurance premium for a 65 year old is around £70 a month, totalling £840 a year, perhaps lower with a discount scheme.

People with private medical insurance would receive a hip replacement operatio,  without extra cost, in a private hospital of their choice, with a consultant of their choice, also.

Any complications would be fully covered, and they will be treated in a private room with excellent facilities. That £840 could also pay for cancer drugs too expensive for use on the NHS.

Dr Richard Theo, of health insurance comparison site, said: “India, one of the most popular destinations for medical tourists, has 6 physicians, 13 nurses, and 9 hospital beds for every 10,000 patients.

“In contrast, the UK has 27 physicians, 103 nurses and 34 hospital beds for every 10,000 patients. Health conscious patients should compare medical insurance quotes and take advantage of our excellent private healthcare system”.

ActiveQuote Health Ltd is a health insurance broker, fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) number 501109 as a health insurance intermediary.

ActiveQuote offer free advice on private medical cover in the UK.
Tel: 0800 862 0373

Monday, 19 September 2011

Can bacteria be used in fight against hospital superbugs?

Trials of a revolutionary, natural and cheap alternative to traditional hygiene practices is likely to launch a completely new approach to the war against hospital superbugs, it is claimed.
The startling results show that harmful bacteria can be completely eliminated by using ‘friendly’ bacteria in a simple cleaning fluid - rather than by using toxic chemicals.

The trials, undertaken by UK-based hygiene specialists Chemex International, were unveiled today at a conference of over 600 members of the Infection Protection Society in Bournemouth.

Sean Derrig (PICTURED) Scientific Director of Chemex International, who presented the results at the Conference said: “Since the days of Lister and Florence Nightingale science has put a lot of effort into killing bacteria. This approach certainly has its place but we have now proved that nature’s methods can be more effective.

“But it does turn traditional wisdom on its head somewhat. Our research has proven that employing ‘friendly’ bacteria in a cleaning product rather than harsh chemicals drove out the bacteria that can be harmful to humans present at the start of the trial. The ‘bad’ bugs were completely eradicated – and the good ones did a very good job of eating dirt and grime as well. It’s fighting fire with fire.

“The friendly bacteria chase out germs and form a protective biofilm that is tougher than Teflon and keeps the bad bacteria away permanently. The same principle is used in probiotic drinks that repopulate the gut with ‘good’ bacteria. It’s called competitive exclusion.

“In reality we are surrounded by bacteria, most of which are totally harmless or positively beneficial - without them we wouldn’t have bread, cheese or even wine and beer – all of which are made by bacteria.

“Problem bacteria can be concealed in minor cracks and blemishes in buildings and are very difficult to completely remove without costly shutdowns and deep cleans. And they soon return. This is a completely new approach to dealing with the pathogens that cause hospital-acquired infections. It is also simple, cheap and highly effective.

“We have trialled this approach with a very forward-thinking NHS Trust and we saw more than just a visible improvement in cleanliness; scientific tests clearly demonstrated that harmful bacteria had been totally eliminated.

“The ‘friendly’ bacteria are abundant in nature, the strain we use feeds on dirt and produces natural antibiotics which attack and kill the harmful bacteria. It really is using nature’s technology to clean wards and get rid of pathogens once and for all".

Chemex International has previously helped NHS Trusts and private healthcare across the UK in the battle against killer bugs.

Its high-level biocides are powerful enough to kill ‘difficult’ organisms such as Clostridium difficile spores and Norovirus against which traditional chemicals are ineffective and are in use in multiple NHS Trusts and other situations where scrupulous hygiene is paramount.

For more information about Chemex International, go to or call 00 44 121 565 6300.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

UK government keen on e-cigarettes

The head of the UK government’s 'nudge' unit, David Halpbern, yesterday gave a massive endorsement to e-cigarettes, comparing them to seatbelts in terms of safety and stating:

“There's no doubt it the electronic cigarette can save many lives and hundreds of millions of pounds," he is quoted as saying.

David also criticised other countries for restricting the use of the e-cigarette, stating:

“A lot of countries are moving to ban this stuff; we think that’s a mistake.”

Jean Rasbridge, MD of E Cigarette Direct, the UK manufacturer of the Smoker’s HALO 2- part electronic cigarette, welcomed the announcement, stating:

“Following the court victory for e-cigarettes in the USA, this is fantastic news for the UK, and we hope that other countries follow suit.”

She noted that his only concerns were about the quality of e-cigarettes, stating: “There are cheap and inferior alternatives on the market which should be avoided. Our own electronic cigarettes undergo testing by Swedish testing experts SGS, comply with European and British standards, and we are also introducing secondary testing with an approved UK lab.

“We are also one of a small group of UK companies who are regulated by UK e-cigarette industry group ECITA, and undergo strict twice-yearly audits.”

ECITA has introduced a strict ISE (Industry Standard of Excellence) to ensure not just that member companies comply with regulations but also introduce best business practices. Trading Standards have described the ISE as: “…a Code any industry would be proud to have.”

“We urge other e-cigarette companies to adopt the same high standards that we use, to ensure confidence in this product,” Jean concluded.

ECigaretteDirect is currently running a special offer to celebrate the UK government’s endorsement of e-cigarettes, giving away a free pack of king size cartridges with every standard e-cigarette kit sold. Visit E Cigarette Direct for more information.

What is your cholesterol level? And how could you cut it?

Millions of people in the UK are increasing their risk of heart disease – the UK’s biggest killer – by failing to take simple steps to lower their cholesterol, according to recent research undertaken out by HEART UK, the cholesterol charity, and Hovis Hearty Oats.

The research, which tested people on their knowledge and concerns about high cholesterol, shows that over 40% of respondents wrongly thought raised cholesterol resulted from drinking too much, while nearly 60% did not know that you can inherit the condition.

Almost half the population have never had a cholesterol check and only 2% of those surveyed named high cholesterol as their biggest health concern, even though almost one in ten fear a heart attack, of which high cholesterol is a major contributor. According to the survey, the top health worry for people was cancer, even though heart disease is still the biggest killer in the UK.

HEART UK ambassador, Dr Chris Steele, admitted he felt shocked by the findings. He said: “Raised cholesterol isn’t called the silent killer for nothing and I never cease to be amazed at how few people can be bothered to find out what their cholesterol level is. It is vital people in the UK start to take their cholesterol level seriously and I know, from my own experience, how heart disease can affect your life, whether it is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle or an inherited condition. Simple changes such as adding oats to your diet and cutting back on fried or fatty foods can make such a difference.”

Despite years of high cholesterol health warnings, huge numbers of us have not been tested, are not overly worried about it and don’t know how our diet can help reduce it.

Many people are unaware of the types of foods that could actually help them reduce their cholesterol levels and ultimately help them decrease their risk of complications from conditions such as heart disease and other circulatory disorders.

Only half of all those surveyed correctly identified that oats, being rich in soluble fibre, are an easy and affordable way to lower harmful cholesterol levels.

Staggeringly four of the top five foods thought to have a cholesterol-lowering effect, by members of the public, do not directly lower cholesterol at all and almost a fifth of people had no idea at all of which foods can do so.

HEART UK Chief Executive Jules Payne said: “HEART UK is passionate about helping people with raised cholesterol and the results of this survey underline the challenges we continue to face about the public’s misunderstanding of the condition and the simple changes that can save their life.

“Younger people in particular don’t think that raised cholesterol or heart disease can affect them and sadly we see too many cases of younger people who are afflicted by the condition. National Cholesterol Week gives us an opportunity to remind people that getting their cholesterol level checked may well save their life.”

More than 120,000 people in Britain have a form of inherited high cholesterol called FH which can cause premature death in those as young as 30 with only 15% aware that they have the condition.

HEART UK is the UK's only cholesterol charity and dedicated to providing support for people with inherited and non-inherited high cholesterol. They also work with governing bodies and medical stakeholders to develop better methods of detection and treatment for cholesterol-related conditions.

The research for HEART UK was carried out between August 10 and August 15 2011 and the sample included 1177 UK adults.

Some tips to reduce cholesterol levels:

• Replace animal fats with vegetable fats
• Include two or more slices of 50% oat bread such as Hovis Hearty Oats at breakfast or lunch
• Start the day with a bowl of oat based cereal such as porridge, muesli or instant oats
• Keep a hand full of unsalted almonds, walnuts, pecans or peanuts for snacks
• Eat foods (such as spreads, milk, yoghurt, cheese) fortified with plant sterols and stanols at mealtimes
• Make one of your five-a-day a portion of beans, peas or lentils
• Indulge in soya dairy alternatives or include vegetable proteins such as tofu and quorn more often

Figures by region:

24% wrongly thought that high cholesterol results from drinking too much
48% did not know that you can inherit the condition.
38% of people have never had a cholesterol check
52% correctly identified oats as having cholesterol lowering benefits
29% knew that spreads fortified with plant sterols could lower their cholesterol levels

47% wrongly thought that high cholesterol results from drinking too much
60% did not know that you can inherit the condition.
52% of people have never had a cholesterol check
47% correctly identified oats as having cholesterol lowering benefits
24% knew that spreads fortified with plant sterols could lower their cholesterol levels

42% wrongly thought that high cholesterol results from drinking too much
67% did not know that you can inherit the condition.
42% of people have never had a cholesterol check
33% correctly identified oats as having cholesterol lowering benefits
36% knew that spreads fortified with plant sterols could lower their cholesterol levels

47% wrongly thought that high cholesterol results from drinking too much
51% did not know that you can inherit the condition.
41% of people have never had a cholesterol check
51% correctly identified oats as having cholesterol lowering benefits
40% knew that spreads fortified with plant sterols could lower their cholesterol levels

43% wrongly thought that high cholesterol results from drinking too much
47% did not know that you can inherit the condition.
43% of people have never had a cholesterol check
62% correctly identified oats as having cholesterol lowering benefits
45% knew that spreads fortified with plant sterols could lower their cholesterol levels

45% wrongly thought that high cholesterol results from drinking too much
55% did not know that you can inherit the condition.
41% of people have never had a cholesterol check
47% correctly identified oats as having cholesterol lowering benefits
40% knew that spreads fortified with plant sterols could lower their cholesterol levels

36% wrongly thought that high cholesterol results from drinking too much
52% did not know that you can inherit the condition.
44% of people have never had a cholesterol check
46% correctly identified oats as having cholesterol lowering benefits
36% knew that spreads fortified with plant sterols could lower their cholesterol levels

50% wrongly thought that high cholesterol results from drinking too much
56% did not know that you can inherit the condition.
48% of people have never had a cholesterol check
48% correctly identified oats as having cholesterol lowering benefits
44% knew that spreads fortified with plant sterols could lower their cholesterol levels

50% wrongly thought that high cholesterol results from drinking too much
59% did not know that you can inherit the condition.
24% of people have never had a cholesterol check
48% correctly identified oats as having cholesterol lowering benefits
35% knew that spreads fortified with plant sterols could lower their cholesterol levels

42% wrongly thought that high cholesterol results from drinking too much
51% did not know that you can inherit the condition.
46% of people have never had a cholesterol check
55% correctly identified oats as having cholesterol lowering benefits
38% knew that spreads fortified with plant sterols could lower their cholesterol levels

41% wrongly thought that high cholesterol results from drinking too much
64% did not know that you can inherit the condition.
37% of people have never had a cholesterol check
52% correctly identified oats as having cholesterol lowering benefits
33% knew that spreads fortified with plant sterols could lower their cholesterol levels

39% wrongly thought that high cholesterol results from drinking too much
61% did not know that you can inherit the condition.
40% of people have never had a cholesterol check
51% correctly identified oats as having cholesterol lowering benefits
39% knew that spreads fortified with plant sterols could lower their cholesterol levels

41% wrongly thought that high cholesterol results from drinking too much
54% did not know that you can inherit the condition.
44% of people have never had a cholesterol check
59% correctly identified oats as having cholesterol lowering benefits
28% knew that spreads fortified with plant sterols could lower their cholesterol levels

40% wrongly thought that high cholesterol results from drinking too much
61% did not know that you can inherit the condition.
36% of people have never had a cholesterol check
57% correctly identified oats as having cholesterol lowering benefits
42% knew that spreads fortified with plant sterols could lower their cholesterol levels

55% wrongly thought that high cholesterol results from drinking too much
36% did not know that you can inherit the condition.
55% of people have never had a cholesterol check
46% correctly identified oats as having cholesterol lowering benefits
12% knew that spreads fortified with plant sterols could lower their cholesterol levels

36% wrongly thought that high cholesterol results from drinking too much
74% did not know that you can inherit the condition.
60% of people have never had a cholesterol check
31% correctly identified oats as having cholesterol lowering benefits
38% knew that spreads fortified with plant sterols could lower their cholesterol levels

53% wrongly thought that high cholesterol results from drinking too much
54% did not know that you can inherit the condition.
41% of people have never had a cholesterol check
61% correctly identified oats as having cholesterol lowering benefits
36% knew that spreads fortified with plant sterols could lower their cholesterol levels


HEART UK was formed in 2002 following a merger of The Family Heart Association (FHA) and the British Hyperlipidaemia Association (BHA).

HEART UK - The Cholesterol Charity - promotes healthy hearts and better lives by:

• helping and supporting individuals, families and health professionals to understand and control cholesterol conditions
• promoting education and research to improve identification, prevention, treatment and care of cholesterol and lipid conditions
• working in partnership with government, the NHS, industry and other charities
• promoting best practice in addressing inherited and non-inherited cholesterol conditions

Two thirds of the UK have raised cholesterol. Over 120,000 people in Britain have a form of inherited high cholesterol called Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH) which can cause premature death in those as young as 30 – and only 15% of those with the condition are known.

The Chief Executive of HEART UK is Jules Payne. She was formerly Deputy Chief Executive at Allergy UK, a charity supporting people with all allergies and intolerances. Her previous background was in business development within the commercial arena and she has experience of a multitude of industries, including recruitment, advertising, energy and the grey market.

HEART UK ambassadors include actress Dame Judi Dench, chef Aldo Zilli and Dr Chris Steele.

Hovis Hearty Oats is the ONLY bread made with 50% Oats and is approved by HEART UK

People wishing to find out more about FH should contact: HEART UK on the helpline - 0845 450 5988, or visit

(EDITOR: Clearly, as the same misinformation is, generally, prevalent throughout the land, then there is something at fault with the information people are being given, or the delivery of this information? And although the message given out is that certain foods can help lower cholesterol levels, some Trading Standard Departments have, foolishly, in the opinions of some, intervened by launching  court cases that might have given some members of the public the impression that it is not possible to use certain foodstuffs to reduce their cholesterol levels. Everyone needs to be singing from the same hymn sheet, or we see the situation that exists in the UK, fragmented advice and erroneous information that could put people's lives at risk.) launch big! are launching their biggest ever catalogue this month. At 724 pages and with 2 million copies being printed, there are reportedly enough pages to circle the world eight and a half times.

This bumper catalogue boasts over 5,800 products, but it is more than a mere catalogue, as it features interviews from top athletes like Wayne Rooney, Paula Radcliffe, and John McEnroe. It is filled with expert tips and expertise plus you will find some exciting competitions to win some amazing prizes like trips to Mount Everest, the French Alps & London 2012 tickets.

As well as a comprehensive clothing and footwear guide, it has specialist sections for many sports including football, rugby, golf, outdoor, bikes, racket sports, fitness, etc., perfect for any sports enthusiast.

Vincent Smith, who is the chief of marketing at commented: “As a key focus of our marketing strategy, it was essential our latest edition contained true added value in product proposition, editorial content and consumer offers. Our objectives through work carried out with Haymarket network and internal teams have been realised in exceptional fashion “.

Simon Kanter, the publisher Haymarket’s Editorial Director, said "From a Haymarket point of view the new catalogue is really ground-breaking and delivers far more than a product brochure. Packed with vouchers and competitions, is giving more than just value for money, it is delivering its customers a genuinely useful guide".

The catalogue is already available in stores at 50p and is also available on line.

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That's Holiday: Medical charity to roll-out credit card sized USB ...

That's Holiday: Medical charity to roll-out credit card sized USB ...: InterHealth, a specialist medical charity that provides health services to major international agenc...

Health Insurance Quote Providers Welcome News That Private Health Sector Saves NHS Over £2 Billion

Last year the private medical insurance industry saved the National Health Service an estimated £2.4 billion, new figures have indicated.

In 2010, private health insurers paid out a total £2.8 billion in claims on diagnosis, treatment and aftercare. By their estimate 82% of these claims would otherwise have had to be funded by the NHS.

Furthermore, with the NHS expected to cut £20 billion from its budget in the next four years, the private medical sector could become an even greater financial resource in the future.

Dr Richard Theo of health insurance comparison site commented that the findings demonstrated that the well being of the NHS and that of the PMI industry are not mutually exclusive.

If just 5% more people took out a health insurance policy over the next twelve months, the NHS could save an additional £2.5 billion on last year from its decreasing budget. This extra money could pay for over 2 million hip replacements or 25 million MRI scans.

One NHS sector likely to lose out in the reform is the nursing and midwifery division. The Scottish Government recently projected a 1.7% drop in nursing positions by the end of the financial year, putting nearly 1,000 nurses out of work.

With nursing salaries starting at around £21,000, just 5% more people taking out a health insurance policy could pay the wages of over 118,000 NHS nurses.

The extra £2.5 billion could also be put towards the cost of cancer drugs which the NHS currently cannot afford.

Over 2,000 people die from malignant melanomas each year. Newly licensed drug Yervoy could dramatically increase their life expectancy. But at £75,000 per patient, it may be deemed too expensive for use on the NHS.

Just 5% more people taking out health insurance could save enough to treat 33,000 skin cancer sufferers.

Dr Richard Theo, managing director of ActiveQuote Health, said: “A lot of people are under the misapprehension that the NHS and the private medical insurance industry are working in competition with each other.

“On the contrary, the NHS and the PMI sector increasingly work hand in hand to serve the UK’s health needs. When choosing a health insurance policy you should make sure it complements the service you already receive from the NHS.”

ActiveQuote Health Ltd is a health insurance broker, fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) number 501109 as a health insurance intermediary.

ActiveQuote offer free advice on private medical cover in the UK.
0800 862 0373

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hospitals in the United Arab Emirates are seeking hundreds of nurses from the UK and Ireland

Hundreds of nurses trained in the UK and Ireland are being sought by hospitals based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) according to Executive Solutions – a UAE-based recruitment consultancy that is seeking to encourage nurses from the UK and Ireland to consider moving to the Middle East.

“The UAE offers exciting opportunities for nurses,” says Louise Shields, Director, Healthcare Division, Executive Solutions. “Many hospitals are brand new with state-of-the art facilities, offering high standards of care and excellent professional development opportunities for nurse}. Salaries are very competitive and the tax-free status makes this an attractive destination. Moreover, the UAE is a progressive country that is safe and exciting with a vibrant nightlife, world-class shopping, extensive leisure activities and year-round sun, all within a seven hour flight of home.”

The number of healthcare facilities in the UAE is increasing dramatically, and nurses are urgently needed to staff these establishments. In 2010, the Ministry of Health licensed 163 new establishments and, so far, 70 more have been approved since the beginning of 2011.

To help nurses better understand the opportunities in the UAE, Executive Solutions has launched a new initiative that seeks to provide the information nurses need about the UAE, the healthcare environment and the job opportunities currently available in the country. Information can be accessed through or through the Facebook and Bebo groups.

Also, recruitment days will be held across the country in September and October to provide nurses with the chance to talk to nurses that are already working in the UAE.

Innovative Health Goals Facebook App Makes You More Likely to Succeed

A new Facebook App designed to help people succeed in getting fit and healthy has been launched by Flora Fountain Health online chemist.

You can try out the new Health Goals App at

Flora Fountain’s Facebook Health Goals App uses psychological methods to help peopleachieve their plans to get fitter and healther - it could be any goal they choose, from exercising more often to quitting smoking or eating their five-a-day.

Visualising a goal helps make it more achievable - so the App gets users to visualise their goal through creating a written record of it. The next step is to make that goal concrete by sharing it with others - they can choose as many of their Facebook friends as they want to support them. Telling other people makes you much less likely to quit because you’ll have your backers to answer to, as well as your own conscience. Users can also use the App set a deadline for their challenge...which also makes them more likely to succeed by planting their vision firmly in real time.

Health Goals is supported by Flora Fountain Health, an online pharmacy that aims to deliver excellent customer service, a great range of products, free medical advice from a qualified pharmacist, and well-informed product knowledge. Flora Fountain has been a high street chemist for over 30 years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Advice is free and questions welcome. Questions can be asked online using our Ask A Pharmacist page and the most frequently asked will be shared anonymously with our customers so that everyone can benefit.

Rugby Star Muscles Up

Croft, England Rugby International
Tom Croft of Leicester Tigers and England is looking to take his rugby to the next level with the help of one of Britain’s leading sports nutrition supplements companies, LA Muscle.

Tom if one of the fittest rugby players, known for his athleticism and muscularity. At 6’6”, Tom weights a lean 105 kgs and has incredible endurance and power.

Tom is using a variety of LA Muscle supplements to increase his strength, build lean muscle, recover from his hard training sessions and further improve his stamina. On his relationship with LA Muscle Tom says: “It's a great relationship. Their products are great which help me get through the vigorous demands of being a professional athlete, they are a great bunch of people to work with and hopefully it will go on for a long time.”

Over the years LA Muscle has worked with thousands of athletes and celebrities from around the world to get them in the best possible condition. On its new partnership with Tom Croft, LA Muscle’s founder Parham Donyai had this to say: “Tom is a great ambassador for LA Muscle and its supplements range. His incredible physique and athleticism embodies the core LA Muscle principles and the LA Muscle promise to its customers worldwide. If you work hard, train hard, stay focused, eat right and use the right supplements, nothing is impossible”.

For more information, please go to or call LA Muscle on 0044 208 9651177.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Breast Reconstruction For Life: New Plastic Surgery Procedure Gives Hope To Breast Cancer Survivors

Liberate Cosmetic Surgery, the UK's largest network of BAAPS and/or BAPRA accredited cosmetic surgeons, has introduced a pioneering micro-surgery that removes excess fat from the inner thighs to reconstruct the breasts following mastectomy procedures. The new technique, known as a TUG (transverse upper gracilis) Flap gives hope to the thousands of women who suffer the trauma of mastectomy following breast cancer.

Liberate cosmetic surgeon Anita Hazari an expert in the TUG Flap procedure explains. “The TUG Flap uses tissue from the upper thigh, just under the groin crease to reconstruct a naturally shaped breast. Patients get an ‘inner thigh lift’ and the skin and fat with the gracilis muscle is detached from its blood supply in the thigh and re-attached to blood vessels in the chest. The operation was only described five years ago in world medical literature and is a relatively new technique. It takes four hours to perform and has a success rate of 99 per cent."

One in ten women have breast reconstruction following a mastectomy and using a woman's own body tissue for the procedure is relatively common, but flesh is usually taken from the stomach, back or buttocks which can leave unsightly scars and is difficult to mould. Flesh from the thigh is soft and can be molded into a natural breast shape and a nipple is made from excess skin when the crescent flap is coned, the new nipple and areola are tattooed at a later date. The benefits of using your own tissue also means that the reconstruction is for life.

Liberate plastic surgeon, Mr Venkat Ramakrishnan an internationally renowned expert in TUG Flap operations who specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery warns, "Don't be tempted into thinking this is the perfect cosmetic surgery operation to create slimmer thighs and larger breasts for normal women. The operation takes 4-6 hours, requires a week's stay in hospital and is costly when compared to a traditional breast implant procedure, but for women who have had a mastectomy this procedure is life changing and restores confidence and dignity."

Victoria Bouck-Standen 32, has a family history of cancer and had both breasts removed following the discovery of a lump. She was one of the first women in the South East of England to undergo the operation and says of her newly reconstructed breasts, "If I put on weight they put on weight and if I lose weight they lose weight! They are nice and soft and natural feeling. I was not in any pain and ten days after the surgery my breasts were completely comfortable"

The TUG Flap costs approx GBP 16,000 and is also available on the NHS for women who have had a mastectomy.

Liberate is designed as a service which “liberates” the consumer by encouraging access to a cosmetic surgeon from the very first consultation. A belief firmly held by Liberate is that individuals opting for cosmetic surgery should take full control and be confident in their decision.

Without the tools needed to make responsible choices cosmetic surgery can end up costing people financially, physically and psychologically, Liberate aims to give people the power to choose, providing them with a new and safer approach to cosmetic surgery.

For more information, please visit

That's Business: As The Agency Workers Regulations Implementation D...

That's Business: As The Agency Workers Regulations Implementation D...: With the implementation date of the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) on the 1st of October, UK ...

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Oralseven offers advice to Venus Williams and other Sjogren’s Syndrome sufferers

Sjogren’s Syndrome, the diagnosis given for the auto-immune condition affecting World Champion Tennis player Venus Williams, affects nearly half a million people in the UK and is a very unpleasant and uncomfortable condition.

The secretory glands stop working which leads to not only a loss of saliva but also dry eyes, skin and gastrointestinal tract and has a devastating effect on the lives of those with the condition, mainly women between the ages of 30 - 60.

There is no cure for the condition, but there are ways to help relieve the symptoms like lack of saliva. These include The OralSeven™ range of oral care products, which contain natural enzymes to assist the functions of healthy saliva, thus keeping your mouth moist and balanced.

Maintaining oral hydration can be a problem as many of the conventional dental products contain either alcohol in the case of mouthwashes or sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) in toothpaste both of which have a drying effect and will only worsen the problem.

The range includes:
OralSeven™ Toothpaste – no harsh drying or foaming detergent (SLS)
OralSeven™ Mouthwash – no alcohol AND
OralSeven™ Moisturising Mouth Gel – soothes, lubricates and protects the mouth and gums for up to 7 hours. Extra beneficial for those suffering from dry mouth.

The importance of saliva to health cannot be understated.   The 2- 3 litres we produce daily not only keeps the mouth moist but it also has an important role to play in food digestion, speech and keeping teeth and gums healthy and cavity-free as well as preventing bad breath.

Without the delicate balance of enzymes and beneficial bacteria present in saliva those with Sjogren’s Syndrome may experience a range of symptoms from gum disease,  tooth decay, halitosis, swallowing and speech difficulties.

The good news is that products like OralSeven can make a difference – and we hope Venus Williams quickly establishes an effective treatment regime that sees her back in winning form at Wimbledon in 2012.

The OralSeven range is available through independent pharmacies (telephone: 0115 8419795 for stockists) and retails at: OralSevenToothpaste (75ml) containing fluoride and calcium ; Alcohol free OralSeven Mouthwash (250ml) £6.99, 500ml £9.99; OralSeven Gel (48ml) £10.49. All products are sweetened with Xylitol)

Mr Right?

Single women are abandoning their hunt for Mr Perfect and settling for Mr Family Man instead, a study by London Fertility Centre, part of Spire Fertility, reveals.

Researchers found one in ten married women gave up searching for their ideal partner, amid worries their biological clock was ticking. Instead, they settled down with a man who they believe will make a good father, even though he may not tick all the other boxes.

It also emerged that over a third of single women said if they don’t meet 'the one' in time to have a child they would consider ‘going it alone’ and having fertility treatment.

64 per cent of those defended their decision saying they were determined to have a child whether it's with or without a partner and 35 per cent said that one decent parent is better than two bad ones.

In the study, findings revealed over one in ten married women did in fact settle for a partner purely because their need to have a baby was so strong.

Of those, 15 per cent said they are glad they ‘made do’ with their other half, but 60 per cent said they wished they had persevered and waited to find Mr Right.

The findings emerged in the study conducted by Spire Fertility, a UK network of fertility clinics, which found 35 per cent of women think they have missed the boat when it comes to motherhood because they have always been holding out for 'the one'.

Nearly four in ten females said they are increasingly worried that time is running out for them to start a family.

Subsequently 27 per cent of single women claim to be continually 'on the hunt' for a father to their unborn children. So much so that one in 20 females admit to quizzing any potential suitors to assess their ability to be a good parent.

Dr Magdy Asaad from Spire Fertility said: ''At London Fertility Centre, part of Spire Fertility network, we frequently receive enquires from both single women and men who are researching their options for starting a family as they get older. Times have changed and being a single parent now is more commonplace than it was, say, 20 or 30 years ago".

“We have seen increasing numbers of people coming to us for fertility tests, which tell them how long they can wait before starting a family, as well as more women who are freezing their eggs so they can try parenthood later in life.”

Three quarters of adults questioned believe women are more eager to settle down than men and age 44 was found to be the age that women were considered ‘too old’ to have a child.

Men, on the other hand, were said to be over the hill in terms of fatherhood at 47 and a half.

And it's not just finding an ideal husband that seems to be keeping singletons from parenthood - 27 per cent of women said they have prioritised their career over starting a family.

And a third said they have always worried they wouldn't be able to afford to have children.

Dr Asaad added: ''Considering what age is best to have children, at what point in your career and who you should have them with all cannot be taken lightly, but should your relationships not pan out the way you had hoped it doesn't necessarily mean you won't ever become a parent”.

''Fertility treatments have come a long way and there are now a variety of options for single people or those who have left it until slightly later in life who want to have a family.”

“Aside from options like egg and sperm freezing, people can help preserve their fertility by leading a healthy lifestyle: stopping smoking, cutting out alcohol and improving diet and overall fitness.”

The study found that 80 per cent of single women said they thought many people take having children for granted.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

That's Books: New personal development book 'Discover Your Hidde...

That's Books: New personal development book 'Discover Your Hidde...: New personal development book Discover Your Hidden Memory & Find the Real You can help you strengthen your relationships, improve you...

Hospitals can get SMART, enabling NHS Trusts to minimise risk and maximise patient safety

Evidence-based decision making powered by Real Time Hospital from SMART set to revolutionise NHS approach to balancing staff skill mixes and patient safety while managing costs

SMART, a leading supplier of innovative workforce management solutions to the NHS, has today announced the availability of Real Time Hospital. This real time decision support system enables safe patient care and safe deployment of staff, reducing costs and patient safety incidents.

Real Time Hospital has been designed to provide up to the minute information to ward managers, matrons and executive management to support evidence based decision making. Real time information provides details of potential issues with staffing levels, skills mix, nurse/patient acuity ratios, permanent/agency staff ratios and unplanned absence. This enables managers to take immediate corrective action, so maintaining patient safety, minimising risk, and helping Trusts to meet the QIPP agenda. SMART’s Real Time Hospital is the first solution that looks at all of these areas in a holistic way to provide a single view to support managers in decision making.

Besides supporting real time staffing decisions, which are proven to save money and reduce patient safety incidents, Real Time Hospital also lets Trusts analyse variables historically. The solution enables Trusts to analyse the set of circumstances that lead to the need for corrective action and assist future planning to avoid such situations re-occurring.

Real Time Hospital provides Trust with:
• A consistent approach to measuring patient dependency/acuity levels
• A consistent measurement of outcome/nurse sensitive indicators
• A consistent method of relating staff skills mix number to dependency/acuity
• Real time alerts enabling real time hospital management through risk management and staff redeployment
• Records of inputs and outputs and actual staffing levels enabling more effective planning by adjusting establishment levels

Benefits to Trusts utilising Real Time Hospital are:
• Improved patient care though real time view of safety risk indicators
• Reduced patient safety incidents related to understaffing/skill mix/use of temporary staffing
• Reduced costs by redeploying staff and avoiding patient complications through correct staffing levels
• Reduced risks by increasing or redeploying staff based on acuity/dependency levels
• Continuous improvement by monitoring outcomes
• Compliance against trust targets and initiatives like QIPP
• Gives a single conduit to collect, collate and correlate data saving clinical resources

Nick Whiteley, who is the Managing Director Health Market at SMART said; “Providing quality care for patients is top priority for all NHS Trusts, however, management are often in the position of taking decisions that impact patient care with very little supporting information. Real Time Hospital has been designed to directly address this issue, by supplying detailed information to support decision making via a web dashboard that can be deployed anywhere.”

SMART Real Time Hospital is available as a standalone installation, or integrated with SMART eRostering, Bank and Time & Attendance.

UK based and with 25 years experience, SMART is the leading provider of solutions for workforce management designed to help organisations to achieve agility and cost efficiency from their greatest asset – their people. Utilising our own highly skilled and experienced people SMART helps companies to maximise the performance, productivity and value of their workforce. Our solutions can assist in achieving a sustainable reduction in people costs of up to 10%, while providing a better working environment for staff.

From time and attendance through to workforce planning, scheduling, absence management and comprehensive automated reporting, the SMART solution suite offers a wide breadth and depth of functionality. It can be fully installed on site, delivered as a managed or hosted service with a full range of support services from SMART’s own in-house consultants.

Accessible from anywhere in the world, SMART’s web-based workforce management solutions are developed using Microsoft .NET to give a zero-footprint solution that is flexible, reliable, scalable and easy to implement, and provides an environmentally responsible option. The data centre supports the Trees for Business Campaign and we are collaborating with Brunel University to identify practical ways to recycle heat and airflow to minimise draw on the power supply, and uses optimised hardware to ensure power consumption is reduced wherever possible.

SMART in Healthcare
SMART RPC provides a simple web-based solution for creating and managing Trust-wide staff rosters and time and attendance related activity. The only Next Generation workforce management solution available today, SMART RPC has been designed by our developers to support all NHS Trust roles – a feature that is currently unique. As well as eRostering SMART RPC encompasses Automatic Attendance Recording and Bank Administration, in one easy to use system.

As a Next Generation rostering application, SMART RPC has a host of time-saving features including Auto Roster which generates staff rosters in minutes, and alerts to managers in real time to warn of potential problems with their rosters. In addition it provides unrivalled fairness and transparency in dealing with shift preferences of staff, helping to improve staff morale and reducing staff turnover.

SMART provides comprehensive workforce management solutions to a significant proportion of the UK Healthcare market and was selected as sole provider of e-rostering and time and attendance for the National ESR programme and has unique, proven and fully automated integration with ESR.

Over 600 organisations worldwide benefit from SMART’s solutions and services in both the private and public sectors. Customers include Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust, Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, The Dudley Group of Hospitals NHS Trust, Ocado, Gist, Habitat, Jaguar, JCB, Mandarin Oriental, Sainsbury's, Swissport, Trailfinders, Tussauds Group, and Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service.

For information please visit:

Win an Amazing Martial Arts Experience with Bio-Synergy and Warrior the Movie

Bio-Synergy and 
Warrior Competition
This September Bio-Synergy (the UK’s top Sports Supplement Company) is delighted to join forces with Lionsgates Film's new release Warrior to run an exclusive on-pack promotion with sports drink Bio-Synergy Sub Zero!

The inspirational martial arts action drama Warrior hits our screens on 21st September 2011! BAFTA Rising-star 2011 winner Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, Bronson) and Joel Edgerton (soon to star in The Great Gatsby, Animal Kingdom) command the screen as two estranged brothers facing the fight of a lifetime in Warrior.

The exclusive Warrior competition images will be displayed on bottles of Bio-Synergy Sub Zero. Bio-Synergy Sub Zero is ultra low calorie and ideal for a performance boost, making you the next Warrior.

Bio-Synergy Sub Zero is a part of an award winning range of functional products including Bio-Synergy Creatine Plus, Thermogen & Whey Better.

Bio-Synergy products is available at Tesco Direct, Waitrose and online with Ocado, Amazon, Littlewoods, Freemans and the Bio-Synergy website.

Prizes include a once in a life time opportunity to perform like a Warrior, with Mixed Martial Arts training for 1 winner and 7 friends with an ex-European champion. The prize will include an introduction to Mixed Martial Arts, and each fighter will receive a Mixed Martial arts goodie bag which includes t-shirts, gum shield and other essentials. Runners Up will receive an official Warrior t-shirt and an action DVD!


Bio-Synergy – is one of Britain’s most innovative and popular sports nutrition companies. Over the past 14 years, the brand’s products have won awards and been given the highest ratings by publications including Slim at Home, Body Fit, Daily Mail, News of the World, Daily Telegraph and Men’s Health, to name just a few.

Warrior - Haunted by a tragic past, Marine Tommy Conlon (Hardy) returns home for the first time in fourteen years to enlist the help of his father (Nick Nolte) to train for SPARTA, the biggest winner-takes-all event in mixed martial arts history.

A former wrestling prodigy, Tommy blazes a path toward the championship while his brother, Brendan (Edgerton), an ex-fighter-turned teacher, returns to the ring in a desperate bid to save his family from financial ruin. But when Brendan’s unlikely, underdog rise sets him on a collision course with the unstoppable Tommy, the two brothers must finally confront each other and the forces that pulled them apart, facing off in the most soaring, soul stirring, and unforgettable climax that must be seen to be believed.

Bio-Synergy Sub Zero available at Waitrose and online at Littlewoods, Ocado, Amazon and RSP £1.49 per bottle or £15.48 per case.

For the competition visit or