Saturday, 19 July 2014

Healthy eating and sugar

What to have for your desert after a nice, healthy salad? What about a healthy, low fat 150 gramme toffee yoghurt?

What on earth could be wrong with that?

How about the 3.9% GDA of fat? That's just below the 4% level to allow it be be declared as a low fat product.

But there's more. What about the sugar content of the low fat yoghurt? A small 150 gramme pot of this yoghurt contains a shocking 28.2 Grammes of sugar.

In every 150 gramme pot of low fat toffee flavoured yoghurt there are the equivalent of 7 and a quarter teaspoons full of sugar.

Would you put 7 and a quarter teaspoons into a small cup of tea? Of course you wouldn't! So why on earth would you put that ridiculous amount of sugar into a small 150 gramme pot of low fat yoghurt?

Especially as some experts might argue that the consumption of high amounts of sugars is potentially more dangerous than the consumption of fats.

I am now coming to the conclusion that the war on the high levels of sugars in our diet is an important war. And a war that we must win if we are to reduce the problems of obesity in our general population and of children in particular.